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  1. ekorz

    Decathlete for STV finally working!

    Amazing work… talented guy!
  2. ekorz

    Changing CPS1 SFIIWW . Possible ?

    Apocalypse has left the hobby, it’s not worth trying to chase him down. Why not buy a cps1/1.5 multi and have all the games instead?
  3. ekorz

    CPS2 A Board / No Left channel

    The A board has a digital volume circuit that for whatever reason needs a reset from time to time. Boot the board while holding down the volume-down button.
  4. ekorz

    upgrading/downgrading FX-1A/1B games

    If you’re using mame set from before ~2018 (mame .201) that EX dump was bad btw.
  5. ekorz

    upgrading/downgrading FX-1A/1B games

    Psyforce should be a straight swap, works in mame. What rom data did you use? What chip type did you use? Which chip locations did you swap? I would expect fighters impact A de-conversion to also be a straight rom swap too, that also works in mame, though the reverse seems to perhaps take...
  6. ekorz

    Xmen Bootleg

    What does an X-men bootleg pcb look like?
  7. ekorz

    How do you know if your Cave PGM cartridges are legit?

    Lol could be, I’m not sure. AMB was at least the first and only one selling conversions off his website iirc. That’s not @trap15 style.
  8. ekorz

    New Astro City Help (First Time Candy Cab Owner)

    I hope you have a cheap test pcb that outputs a 15khz video signal on the jamma edge. What are you using? Grab a multimeter. Set it to DC. Then turn on the cab/psu and measure pins 1 (gnd) and 4 (+5V) on the jamma edge. ( You...
  9. ekorz

    How do you know if your Cave PGM cartridges are legit?

    Every single cave cartridge is a bootleg from somewhere. The original cave pgm boards are all-in-one pcbs, not carts. The first conversions were from arcademodbios, who developed the bootleg code, then more recently there’s been very heavy volume out of china. These are usually knights of...
  10. ekorz

    WTB: Sega Hitachi FD1089A CPU block (preferably from a US seller)

    Oh sorry, I misread! Hey free bumps!
  11. ekorz

    WTB: Sega Hitachi FD1089A CPU block (preferably from a US seller)

    Looks like I have a couple, assuming you’re OK with a used looking one. Shoot me the info on where to mail one. Price is postage. I do assume they’re very dead, lmk if you want it opened first… ;)
  12. ekorz

    Hobbyist Arcade Maker from LA

    Welcome! I saw some photos of Heartbeat somewhere else on the internet. Very cool!
  13. ekorz

    Positive Feedback for Joko3

    +1 for @Joko3, my man in Japan! Thanks for your help, the pcb was packed superbly and arrived safe and sound.
  14. ekorz

    19YY [MVS] (Port from ADK World)

    If anyone wants to test this out, lmk how it behaves! I expect it does save on CD but it only matters to help unlock stuff in the mystery shack. It that’s not true I will look at implementing saves. For all I know there actually is some bonus gameplay locked behind 10000 kills or something, I...
  15. ekorz

    DoDonPachi II: Bee Storm : Background Graphic issue

    It’s an obsolete mask rom though, are there blanks out there you can write once? They’re probably all sold out, or used and already have data on them
  16. ekorz

    DoDonPachi II: Bee Storm : Background Graphic issue

    Hopefully a reflow works because I think that’s a mask rom part number. you’ll probably have to find a 3.3v replacement and add a level shifter for safety
  17. ekorz

    19YY [MVS] (Port from ADK World)

    Could be tough to squeeze all that into the space provided... also some of that would benefit from a human touch don’t you think?
  18. ekorz

    19YY [MVS] (Port from ADK World)

    I’d need a translator
  19. ekorz

    DARKSOFT CPS III Bios and CD Releases

    Ultrabios does require loading the simms from the flash writer, not a cd. But superbios should work with a cd if you want to do it oldschool