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  1. JoeAwesome

    New Astro City Help (First Time Candy Cab Owner)

    I will say when I was a newbie and got that quoted “advice”, it wasn’t helpful enough.
  2. JoeAwesome

    Super Neo 29 type 2 restore

    Same here.
  3. JoeAwesome

    LS-32 mounting plate for original Neo control panels

    Even the universal plates are hard to find. Thanks, nem.
  4. JoeAwesome

    Why is SF Zero 3 upper has bad reputation?

    I’ve thought about a h2h setup with modded PSTVs running Adrenaline playing via adhoc, lmao
  5. JoeAwesome

    FS: Aero City RS Control Box Upper and MS8-26SU Chassis

    @Chron do you need this aero piece?
  6. JoeAwesome

    JIS screwdrivers? NOT Amazon?

    Seriously, how bad can Amazon drivers be to avoid them for a set like this:
  7. JoeAwesome

    Avalaunch MvC missing music and sound fx

    Check your chips with the suicide tester, check your 01 and 02 chips visually, reseat those, and review your traces.
  8. JoeAwesome

    Blast City Cleanup/Restore - Stringbean

    Cute terrier.
  9. JoeAwesome

    Chewlix and a Taito Type X2

    That’s the way I’m trying to do it.
  10. JoeAwesome

    Tataunoko vs Capcom Wii (Found)

    What makes it harder to mod? I have a boxed PS3 stick I'd consider modding with a Brook UFB.
  11. JoeAwesome

    Easy way to change button layouts (Neo Candy)

    Related @MountainDewFKR
  12. JoeAwesome

    Chewlix and a Taito Type X2

    It’s the same thing. Pretty plug and play for anything less than 6 buttons. You’ll potentially need some extra wiring for the kicks (buttons 4-6)
  13. JoeAwesome

    Chewlix and a Taito Type X2

    Yep. A Sega JAMMA to JVS IO would work. Just need a little bit of additional wiring to go with it.
  14. JoeAwesome

    FS: Dave's Arcade Storage Bin Pulls Updated 07.15.2022

    The control panel is considered “outside”.
  15. JoeAwesome


    Tried it. Still pink, bro. Raised voltages to just above 5v; used clips; tried with an uncased B board; reseated the C board. Nothing changed. Checked continuity on a couple unbent pins and where work was done installing/unstalling the infinikey, and everything beeped well. Unfortunately, I...
  16. JoeAwesome


    I tried shorting both, but I’m still getting a pink screen. At this point, I need to find a known working setup to test, but thanks for the suggestions.
  17. JoeAwesome

    Have you seen this little daughter board on a cps2?

    Perfectly normal daughter board or C-board. Looks like original roms with no battery, so needs an Infinikey or Phoenix chips. I may be very wrong, but I believe if Super had an Infinikey, it'd be on top near where the battery should've been. Edit: looks familiar because I just replaced the...
  18. JoeAwesome


    I -think- I did with a screwdriver across all three points for a minute, and that didn’t help, but there’s a little dodgy soldering I may need to touch up from the uninstall. I also wasn’t using clips or have gone through the tester chip yet (next steps), but I was thinking the same about...
  19. JoeAwesome


    I'm trying to repair a CPS2 grey board set I've received, but I'll keep it on topic as much as I can. If an Infinikey was soldered on and taken off a ST board, what would it do if the board had Avalaunch chips already (no battery)? I think this may a root cause of the board not working at all...