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  1. GeekMan1222

    WTB: Aleck 64 complete CP

    I think I missed my opportunity to buy one from TOPS and I needed one of these for a side project I been very slowly working on. Ideally needs to be the complete panel but just the weirdo sticks can work if thats all you have. If anyone has one for a fair price or are willing to trade let me...
  2. GeekMan1222

    Blast City incorrect screen

    Those pots can get damaged or rusted/corroded sometimes. Or even have bad solder joints. Your next best step is gonna be to find out what value those pots are and take a multimeter and measure the ohms. Check between the outside two pins of the pot first to see the overall resistance and then...
  3. GeekMan1222

    Blast City - First Arcade Restoration Attempt

    Settings for freeplay in Naomi are buried under coin assignments in the test menu iirc its the very last coin configuration like number 23 or something
  4. GeekMan1222

    Blast City incorrect screen

    No you can do the adjustment with the monitor off but its a little more annoying to do it that way. SPC is the Pin Cushion adjustment the MS2930 has that adjustment for 15/24/31khz resolution modes. The phenomenon your experiencing is what we call pin cushion and it will make the image bow or...
  5. GeekMan1222

    Namco Noir advice

    There's a lot of ways to get AC into a cabinet. You could take the internal IEC cable and use that to power your PC or adapt or cut the end off that cable and add a outlet there. They sell IEC to Nema 15 adapters as well (IEC power cord to AC outlet)
  6. GeekMan1222

    Vewlix F speakers crackling (fixed?)

    Seconding this check the 3.5mm audio jack on the amplifier board which is right behind the service panel. These could easily get bumped or tugged over the years and cause a bad solder connection. Reseat all your audio cables and or swap the main 3.5mm audio cable if suspect. Inspect the port...
  7. GeekMan1222

    FS/FT: IS-Nitro Capture / KV-40XBR800 - That's right, a 41" CRT - big price drop

    Im really happy to hear that XBR got a home those are way too cool to just see fade away
  8. GeekMan1222

    Price Check Blast City

    He means the Ms2932 iirc. The 33 is rarer only used in a select number of cabs like the Net City its supposedly a revised version of the MS2931 and fixes some issues. And yeah theres a surprising lack of any Nanao chassis on the market lately especially 2930-2931
  9. GeekMan1222

    Price Check Blast City

    I wouldn't exactly recommend a Blast for a first time buyer my self if asked, and im transparent about that, the heart wants what it wants though. The only big down fall to the blast is the original MS2930 and MS2931 monitor chassis's can be a temperamental if they encounter any major faults I...
  10. GeekMan1222

    Toshiba Tri Sync (PBxx, PDxx, PExx) - Notes / Mods

    I been meaning to document all the inductor values in full for these chassis's at some point I highly recommend anyone with one of the Tosh PF D29 variant chassis's to check the larger inductors to see if the glue is failing and they are coming loose at all. I seen it happen about 4 times now...
  11. GeekMan1222

    Oh yeah this has been a great website for years sometimes I forget the actual name for some reason but with a few carefully phrased searches I usually always find it again
  12. GeekMan1222

    Konami Hornet 24khz Video Noise

    My first thought was the VGA cable but you addressed that Maybe theres some kinda grounding interference feed back in your setup somewhere with the power supplies just throwing out ideas? A quick test might be to run an extension cable from another outlet to your system board and seeing if the...
  13. GeekMan1222

    Making an E2 Stereo Amp?

    This is a diagram I drew up to do for my Egret3 some time ago, your welcome :) Edit: You will need a volume pot for the amp, set and mount that pot to your amp or somewhere. Set that to something somewhat loud and then never touch it again and you can still retain the factory volume pots and...
  14. GeekMan1222

    SNK Candy 26

    Yes quite uncommon and agreed I been pointing everyone I sold mine to your way for CP harness's. All the ones we got from a batch in Japan were really uncommon dare I say rare medal redemption variants of the cab. I did a video walkthrough on one recently since it was the last unit I had and...
  15. GeekMan1222

    Budget Naomi Analog Sticks

    Oh yeah if you have a Blast your basically set. Sega made a JVS 001 Loom for RCA stereo and power for JVS things like the naomi. The manual suggests using that very Jamma to JVS adapter sega made and you would get a kick adapter for it to if you needed it. I think those IO's can also interface...
  16. GeekMan1222

    Budget Naomi Analog Sticks

    Naomi is JVS era hardware. You need a IO board to interface controls. Most JVS system boards also use 31khz VGA though some hardware has exceptions and can do 15khz like the Naomi. You can use a JVS to JAMMA IO adapter like the one you mentioned. Thats only handling your controls and passing...
  17. GeekMan1222

    Budget Naomi Analog Sticks

    hmmm this interests me
  18. GeekMan1222

    *SOLD* [FS] CPS2 boards A+B

    Revrun is good people buy with confidence here
  19. GeekMan1222

    Georgia Arcades

    Oof yeah I didnt read that one sentence correctly apologize man sorry
  20. GeekMan1222

    Georgia Arcades

    Not trying to nit pick or antagonize or derail here but it is a rule to leave a price, this is just for a historical base line to help people know the market or trade values simple as that. If your publicly posting an item for sale you should have a price listed with each thing to begin with...