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  1. bytestorm

    FS: Nemesis PCB (original) Very Very Clean!

    I have a extremely nice original Nemesis PCB for sale here. It is in very nice condition, no damages, dirt, corrosion whatsoever. Looks like its been very well taken care of and hardly used. Check out the pics here: Videos here: View:
  2. bytestorm

    FS: ESP Ra.De. Psi [Limited Edition] CAVE Esprade for Nintendo Switch

    A very nice brand new Japanese ESP Ra.De. Psi [Limited Edition] for sale! This is for NINTENDO SWITCH, and is region free. I have never opened any of the items and it is in very very nice condition! But I am by no means any "grader".. I have seen ppl (not here) rave about needle holes in the...
  3. bytestorm

    Converting batteryless C-Board 92631C-6 into 90631C-5 battery backed? (not for the multi)

    I have a King of Dragons set that I am trying to revive since the "decrypted" roms floating around are still missing the hydra body and such.. Anyhow, the pcb set has the wrong C board, and I am wondering if its possible to convert the batteryless C-Board 92631C-6 into 90631C-5 battery backed...
  4. bytestorm

    FS: Cross Shooter (Taito / Seibu) *SOLD*

    Hello! I have a perfectly working Cross Shooter original PCB for sale. The pcb is in OK condition. Seibu customs but Taito game? Working great. Has some patchwires but seems to be factory installed... Asking 295€ paypal f&f or bank transfer. (offers welcome)*SOLD**SOLD**SOLD* Shipping inside...
  5. bytestorm

    FS: Mystic Warriors PCB (with recapped audio custom) *SOLD SOLD SOLD*

    Hello! I have a perfectly working Mystic Warriors original PCB for sale. The pcb is in very nice condition. Asking 500€ paypal f&f or bank transfer. *SOLD SOLD SOLD* (not looking for any trades at the moment) Shipping inside EU is for most countries 25€, but I will doublecheck your country...
  6. bytestorm

    Positive feedback for Sheep_nova

    Ordered some MVS carts, pgm motherboard and CPS C-board. Great seller! securely packed, arrived very fast! Thank you!
  7. bytestorm

    FS: Pulirula PCB set Taito (World version)*SOLD*

    Hello! I have a really nice and clean Pulirula PCB set for sale! (World version) (Game PCB and Motherboard) Pics: Video: (sorry for the cropping, I obviously cant record with my mobile :lol: ) View: Asking €900 paypal f&f or bank...
  8. bytestorm

    FS: Blade Master IREM M92 * SOLD *

    Hello! I have a perfectly working Blade Master original PCB (World version) with copy art for sale. (It has 1 patch wire repair on the motherboard, solder side) The pcb set is in very nice condition. Asking 500€ paypal f&f or bank transfer. * SOLD * (not looking for any trades at the moment...
  9. bytestorm

    WinCUPL question for you GAL/PAL wizards (Hyper Sports 6331 - C03_C27.bin convert)

    Hello! I recently realized that I needed to replace a 6331 PROM on the top board of my Hyper Sports since some of the colors was off.. (changed the C03027 prom with a good one from another Hyper Sports pcb) Anyhow, I ordered some AM27S19PC proms just to realise the my programmer could only...
  10. bytestorm

    WTB: Nintendo Playchoice 10 Dual monitor jamma adapter *found*

    Anyone pref within EU with a spare for sale perhaps? :) (I know they are on ebay but shipping and customs/taxes kinda kills it..) Please send me a pm! Thanks for looking!
  11. bytestorm

    B & C board connector replacements?

    I have a cps1.5 unit that need new 64 & 40 pin connectors (both male/female) since the old ones have too much corrosion inside from the old battery to work reliably :( having a hard time finding suitable replacements for these.. does anyone know if mouser or digikey have anything that would fit...
  12. bytestorm

    MiSTer SDRAM XS-DS v2.9 special connector?

    hello! Anyone knows where to buy the special connector used for the latest SDRAM module? Cant find any BOM nor part number for this one.
  13. bytestorm

    PCM CPLD Reproduction

    I stumbled across this on ebay, and since I have a couple of mvs carts that needs these replaced I thought that this looks like a way more better idea than sacrificing other carts. I belive Furrtek already released the verilog file for this chip.. has anyone tried making a replacement like this...
  14. bytestorm

    Playchoice 10 watchdog disable? Keeps resetting all the time, flashing the led.

    I have a pc10 motherboard thats stuck in a CPU/PPU reset loop (watchdogging) It makes it a pain to troubleshoot so I was wondering if there are any known ways t odisable the watchdog? There are som jumpers and whatnot at the NMI and some other place close to PPU & CPU but I am not sure what they...
  15. bytestorm

    Twin Cobra Co-Processor TMS320C10 MCU faulty. Replacement possible? Own a TC bootleg? Please have a look!

    Hey! I have a Twin Cobra pcb that has a faulty TMS320C10 MCU, and when checking the mame source I can see that the original probably has some internal ROM split in 2 parts since there are 2 DSP rom files in the driver. There are indeed a eprom version of this mcu availible but I am unsure how...
  16. bytestorm

    Solution for pcbs not syncing with LCD?

    Hey :) Recently got a nice little 4:3 LCD for my test bench to stop punishing my CRT with powercycling during all repairs.. But some (quite many) of the pcbs I have have some sync problems when connected to this lcd :/.. every second the image rolls vertically and the screen looses signal, and...
  17. bytestorm

    Looking for replacements for 384 KHz resonators. (repairing P.O.W bootleg)

    Hey! Anyone got a good replacement for the murata CSB384 resonators often found together with M5205 ADPCM. I cant seem to find any (at a reasonable price).. Any new components we can use to generate 384 KHz (0.384MHz)? Thanks for your time!
  18. bytestorm

    Wanted: Custom CPO fitting a Midway cab such as MK & KI (pref marvel superheroes or neo geo inspired :) )

    Any chance anyone have a custom CPO for a Midway cab? (Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct.. they all have same CP size.) I have a MK1 cab that I would love to make a "comfortable" CP for with some nice art.. (I will keep the original ofc, but buy wood and make a new one) The classic Street Fighter...
  19. bytestorm

    WTB: Gun.smoke PCB & MVS NAM-1975

    Looking for this neo geo cart and capcom pcb gun.smoke, any region is fine. Send me a pm if you have it please :)
  20. bytestorm

    Seibu SPI region changer -SPI REVIVE- Flashing Failed

    Thanks for makin such a great tool Trap15! Unfortunately 1 of my motherboards still dont wanna flash. This motherboard just gives me "Hardware error 82". Its a JAP motherboard, and I have tried reflashing with a JAP Raiden Fighters 1 cart = "Hardware error 82" upon boot. I then desoldered the...