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  1. hursit

    About Sega Outrunners

    Hello people I want to create my own Racing Cabinets nowadays and i want to play this game. My plan is produce a deluxe cabinet for this game. So these are my 1- Will i need to get 2 PCB to link, or one PCB is enough to play with 2 monitor? The game PCB is Sega System Multi 32 2- I read...
  2. hursit

    Discount time for Posters-Flyers-Standees-Marquees

    Hello everyone The Discount for Posters, Flyers, Standees, Marquees are starting now. Please check the link. You will find some Folders and "0READ ME.txt" files inside the folders. You will see all the details in that txt files...
  3. hursit

    WTB Moo Mesa

    Hey people Im still looking for Moo Mesa original pcb Thanks
  4. hursit

    Sega Naomi Filter Board RGB Question

    Hello people im working on Naomi Filter board. Tracing and drawing the schematics. There is a RGB output on the filter board like this. My questions are : These are can be use for RGB output ? if yes, which one is RGB and SYNC. I have found the last one is Video GND You can see the VGA...
  5. hursit

    How to Format Original TTX HDD ?

    Hello people i have original NesicaXLive HDD from TTX system. I want to format this HDD and want to use it as regular HDD. how can i do that ? thank you NOTE: I tried it from windows and Mini Partition TOOL, but no luck
  6. hursit

    Neo-19 Cabinet RE-Production

    Hello People This is just a brain storm for now . I will try to explain something in here and lets share your opinions ;) Thanks to @Cereth , he bought a Neo-19 Cabinet 6 months ago for me from Germany. The Cabinet was Refurbished and like Brand New ( It is still like Brand NEW now :P ) Thanks...
  7. hursit

    Spinner Joystick Pre-Order

    Hello People Finally we open the pre-orders today. Thanks to @Derick2k for his great support. Without him, this project would not have been possible. Thanks to @Darksoft to add Spinner Support for his Multi CPS-1 System Injection Mold for the Gears is ready but some of the other parts requires...
  8. hursit

    WTB: Graphic Cards for TTX3

    Hello people, Im looking for 2pcs graphic cards for my TTX3 Multi systems. I need powerfull cards. GTX 680 GTX 780 GTX 760 One of them will be fine. I prefer the Plug&Play Flashed Bios one ;) Thanks.
  9. hursit

    Chun Li Standee Re-Production

    Hello People We have started a projects 2 months ago. Some friends asked me about Chun Li Famicom Standee. Then we have found some pictures of the original. I have realized the original standee print is very low quality. Because capcom upscaled the original artwork ( which i have the original...
  10. hursit

    Black Friday Poster Selling %50 Discount

    The Black Friday is starting now for the Posters. The B2 Posters are 10 USD Each The B1 Posters are 12.5 USD Each Sorry there is no discount for the Banners. You will find the pictures of the all posters at the link. Somebody who wants to order, please check the posters, create a list and...
  11. hursit

    1P Control Panel For mini Cute Repro Pre-ORDER

    Hello people This is pre-order for the 1P control Panel for the my Mini Cute Repro Cabinet. The Price is 99 USD + Shipping The Control Panel will be same material as 2p Repro Control panel with Artwork Together. Wire harness included too I beleive it will be ready in 2 weeks for shipping...
  12. hursit

    Astro City 100 YEN Sticker ( Original Neon GREEN and PINK )

    Hello People I got an original 100 Yen Sticker in my hand now and i have already started to production. I just found it NOS . Im getting the pre-orders now. * Neon Green and Pink will glow under the black light * Print Screen Method * Sparkling effect as original * Print on PVC Lexan...
  13. hursit

    Sega Sonic Flyer Banner Reproduction Pre-Order

    Hello People Starting a new project and pre-order for This Great Banner Thanks to @BlinG to show this banner to us. He just asked to me about Bigger size of his version. I had Sonic Vectorized already, but it wasnt like the original sonic on the banner My Version Banner Vectorized...
  14. hursit

    WANTED : Sega Naomi Filter Board Schematics

    Hello people Im looking for Naomi Filter Board Schematic for a project. Metallic Said somebody traced it in somewhere , but couldnt find it :( thanks.
  15. hursit

    Dreamcast - Naomi Capcom Panel Official Interest Check

    Hello People I was working on Dreamcast Naomi Control Panel, and everything is ready for the production. I have to see how many people interest with that product. The artwork Re-Drawn by me, and Custom PCB made by @yavuzg . Original panel shipped by @PlayYing . Thank you guys for your help :)...
  16. hursit

    Building Arcade Cabinet, Technical Thread

    Hello people I have recorded a video to explain how to build cabinet. The PDF file will be ready very soon too. Please check the video and let me know if there is some missing information about it Thanks to everyone to help and support me on this project. @rewrite @Derick2k @Rg111 @RealMFnG...
  17. hursit

    Namco System ES3 - Tekken 7 Graphic Problem

    Hello people I have seen that graphic problem. Do you have any idea why it happened suddenly ? Graphic Card problem or others ? Thanks for your help View:
  18. hursit

    Astro City and Blast City

    Hello People im looking for these cabinets to buy. It has to be in Europe and can be ship to Bulgaria or Germany please thanks.
  19. hursit

    Astro City Side Arts Re-Production ( Original Neon Green )

    Hello People I have a new Side Arts Project for the Sega Astro City Cabinet. Actually i dont have enough time to handle with these staff but , thanks to @Riggles from AO forums who helped me about this project. He has been Re-Draw the all Vector Data for the Side Arts. His design is really...
  20. hursit

    Capcom Dreamcast Contol Panel For Candy Cabinets

    Hey People im looking for that amazing control panel to Re-reproduction for it. I have already working on Dreamcast Controller Female Ports injection mold, and i want to use them to create this control panel. The metal part is easy part but i have to find original panel to Re-Draw it as %100...