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  1. kikaso

    Positive Feedback for FlyingPowerDisc

    @FlyingPowerDisc purchased a Sunset Riders I had listed. Super smooth deal. Great buyer that I hope to deal with again soon.
  2. kikaso

    FS: Thinning the herd (PCBs)

    Looking to sell some games I no longer play much. Shipping is extra, (about $16-20 within US). PayPal / Venmo / Zelle is preferred. Not accepting PayPal Goods & Services for tax reasons. Open to reasonable offers. Photos of boards. All games work well. Shogun Warrior / Fujiyama Buster $150 $140
  3. kikaso

    [SOLD] Atomiswave, Irem M72, Sega 16, Sega 32

    Some unexpected expenses have come up and so I am letting go of some of my games. These all come from my personal collection and are all in good working order. Ships from New York, USA. I will test again before shipping out. Boards and carts are all original. I'm not looking for trades or offers...
  4. kikaso

    [FOUND] GCompSW

    Looking for a gcompsw. Please let me know if you have one you’re willing to part with or know where I can find one. Thanks!
  5. kikaso

    [FOUND] JST Terminals for JVS harness

    I know it’s a long shot but looking to see if anyone has the following JST terminal pins. I am building a power harness for my NAOMI so I need at least 14 pieces. SVF-61T-P2.0 Thanks!
  6. kikaso

    Positive feedback for KinG_SoPa

    Dropping some feedback for a really cool dude, @KinG_SoPa Sold me a step down converter at a good price and is just a really great guy to chat with. Hope to deal with the fellow Bronxite in the future.
  7. kikaso

    [WTB] The Fairyland Story

    Looking for this Taito gem. Let me know if you have got one for sale or a lead on a board.
  8. kikaso

    (Very) positive feedback for Starcade

    @Starcade responded to my wanted post and we came to a very fair agreement quickly. He shipped out the board quickly and packaged it extremely well for the trip overseas. Fantastic seller here!
  9. kikaso

    [FOUND] Sky Shark / Flying Shark / Hi Sho Zame

    Looking for a working copy. Thanks!
  10. kikaso

    Positive feedback for TritonDrew

    I purchased a Martial Champion board from @TritonDrew They shipped the board out super quick and was communicative and responsive every step of the way. I look forward to dealing with them again.
  11. kikaso

    Positive feedback for NikoletatosG

    Purchased a clean Truxton board from @NikoletatosG I reached out to them and they were very responsive and easy to work with. Board came carefully packaged and made it safely all of the way from Greece. Great seller!
  12. kikaso

    Yie Ar Kung Fu Noob Repair

    I picked up an "untested" (ie broken) Yie Ar Kung Fu board last year with the hope of learning how to diagnose and repair it. My PCB collection is still growing and I figured I would have to learn these skills eventually. On boot, the game displays "garbage". I learned from this very helpful...
  13. kikaso

    Irem M92 Component ID & Mounting Hardware

    I have an In the Hunt PCB that bows and creaks when I mount vertically in my cab. I’m thinking the mounting hardware isn’t correct. Anyone know what length spacers these boards came with originally and where? EDIT: I am asking about the hardware that mounts the PCB to the board in the cabinet...
  14. kikaso

    Positive feedback for WeinerdogSunflasses

    @WeinerdogSunflasses purchased my Final Fight CPS1 board. They sent me a fair offer and payment within minutes of my acceptance. Nothing better than a smooth transaction!
  15. kikaso

    [SOLD] In the Hunt Irem M92, Yie Ar Kung Fu, & Final Fight

    I found an affordable copy of Major Title 2 to use as donor for (hopefully) upcoming Irem M92 multi or conversion and so I’m selling my treasured In the Hunt. The board came with brown Elna capacitors and so I replaced with quality components from Nichicon. The boardset is pretty clean with...
  16. kikaso

    [GONE] CPS2 A board shell

    Giving away a clean CPS2 A board shell. One of the screw posts is broken and one of the slots for the metal mounting tabs is broken as well. First to claim pays shipping from New York City. I have a clean CPS2 B board shell I’m looking to trade for a clean A board shell. Region does not matter...
  17. kikaso

    Positive Feedback for hidaniel

    I purchased a very clean Rolling Thunder PCB from @hidaniel and am very happy. Board was carefully packaged in a ton of protective bubble wrap. Seller was fast to reply and ship. Great transaction! Sale thread
  18. kikaso

    1L6B Panel for Mini Cute

    Hi, Alberto Saw you posted a photo of a 1L6B panel for a Mini Cute on Twitter. I would like to commission one if these fit the original Mini Cutes. Thanks!
  19. kikaso

    Monitor Ground Loop Interference?

    So I'm having what I believe to be ground loop video interference in my arcade cabinet setup. When connected to my NAOMI, I have what looks to be video interference in the form of horizontal banding. Here, I have the brightness turned down to highlight the banding. I'm attaching a diagram of...
  20. kikaso

    Positive feedback for Neodogg

    @Neodogg responded to my want to buy thread and sold me a Saturn to DB15 adapter. Great communication and fast shipping. A real pleasure