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  1. kikaso

    Introductions Gerard

  2. kikaso

    FS: Thinning the herd (PCBs)

    Flying Shark sold! Only one board remaining. Crazy offers for a janky ‘90s Street Fighter II clone are welcome.
  3. kikaso

    FS: Thinning the herd (PCBs)

    It’s a really good shooter for learning the basics. I’ve always pushed Flying Shark and Aerofighters (the first one) as really good shooters to learn fundamentals
  4. kikaso

    FS: Thinning the herd (PCBs)

    Taito F3 sold!
  5. kikaso

    +5v Neo Geo MVS pinout

    What power supply are you using?
  6. kikaso

    Building Arcade Cabinet, Technical Thread

    I personally haven’t had issues with the -5V but I wouldn’t rule it out for others. There’s a date code on the RT-125 but you have to disassemble. I know folks here have been able to return older revisions for a newer one but I don’t know which dates to avoid. Hopefully someone can chime in.
  7. kikaso

    Building Arcade Cabinet, Technical Thread

    I love the RT-85A. Have owned several and have never had any load issues.
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    Hi from The Netherlands

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    Howdy Everyone

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    Sega Lindbergh - Resurrection

    Ooh baby looking forward to this
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    Hello from Missouri

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    Sanwa PM1723D needs isolation transformer?

    My Mini Cute Sanwa chassis has no isolation transformer.
  13. kikaso

    Greetings from Mexico!

    Welcome! That’s a great collection you and your dad have.
  14. kikaso

    Anyone know where to buy complete PVM cap kits?

    Savon Pat has a color and geometry cap kit for that PVM. I don’t know of anyone selling entire kits.
  15. kikaso

    Blast City Rewire

    Have you tried ferrite cores? I had a similar issue with a NAOMI and adding ferrite helped a bit but didn’t solve. Slick mounting plate
  16. kikaso

    Hello from Colorado!

    Yes! Arcade cat!
  17. kikaso

    Hello from Colorado!

    Nice setup but where’s the cat? Welcome!
  18. kikaso

    SNK Neo50 II with new BenQ projection

    Wow that looks great! Nicely done