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  1. waiwainl

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    @CPZ - SAVEYOURGAMES any forecast of when the CPS1 multi will be available again?
  2. waiwainl

    JAMMA HIMITSU, an Open Source addon for DE10Nano MiSTer FPGA

    There can't be enough JAMMA solutions ;) - you project is awesome. I am in the lucky position to have PCB's, hence I don't use the DE10 for Arcade games in a Cab.
  3. waiwainl

    Negative feedback for YATON

    I bought from him in the past; never any issue; though never bought a cab/monitor(part) from him.
  4. waiwainl

    Hi from The Netherlands

    Welkom gozer!
  5. waiwainl

    WTB: Hadouken Vewlix Monitor Bracket

    Did he stop selling them?
  6. waiwainl

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Would be interested knowing in that too.
  7. waiwainl

    FS: PCB, MVS, PGM, STV and Atomiswave

    PM Super X & Vimana
  8. waiwainl

    FS: IGS PGM Dodonpachi II Bee Storm Artset

    Proves again "CAVE" makes people blind :P:D
  9. waiwainl

    WTB: Raiden 1 PCB

    Sent PM :thumbup:
  10. waiwainl

    Edit: Found someone

    Nice kit!
  11. waiwainl

    Awesome! I have known your website since forever I have been involved in arcade 2013 (I know, late to the game :D) - great resource to have.
  12. waiwainl

    WTB: Raiden 1 PCB

    Thanks - I had contact with him before. But he didn't have one (yet). He did have Raiden 2, which I bought from him.
  13. waiwainl

    WTB: Raiden 1 PCB

    Looking for Raiden 1 PCB. Shipping to The Netherlands. Let me know if you have one that you like to let go! :)
  14. waiwainl

    FS: Reproduction Taito Vewlix LED Strips,

    That's pretty cool!
  15. waiwainl

    new 3DO ODE review and install guide; works on arcade units too

    You can have a look here: There are also Youtubes on this one. Also, I believe @Mitsurugi-w did a review of this unit on this forum.
  16. waiwainl

    new 3DO ODE review and install guide; works on arcade units too

    Yes that danger is when the guy who sells it stops, unless he open sources his design. However, there is still the other OdE from the guy in Russia. Trustworthy guy, shipping might be an issue at the moment for him.
  17. waiwainl

    PCB lag database using Is It Snappy

    Got that, but that is not "native" lag of PCBs as you describe it. In your database you mention you have a LCD screen; that means you are including the lag of the LCD-processing. If you use a CRT (which is near zero lag) your measurement would be more accurate.
  18. waiwainl

    PCB lag database using Is It Snappy

    What does it mean: End frame is when the text in the PCB's I/O check for Button 1 changes fully to "ON". How do you check the PCB responds to the input signal? With a scope?
  19. waiwainl

    On the hunt for a RPI or PC setup for my Astro city

    I too have a rgb-pi and there are many other PI -> Jamma solutions. It works fine, no problem with lag for the most time (some games are simply not emulated well) for casual users. Heck, even the MiSTER project has a JAMMA solution these days. I do agree with @Zepherino that (New) Astro City is...