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  1. Catzoo

    Missing inputs on C2

    Good job ! If you sell the 2nd one, shoot me a dm 👍
  2. Catzoo

    Tiny Autofire pcb that fits under a button

    Awesome idea you got here, it looks really nice (and i really want one !)
  3. Catzoo

    Intro & Coming Soon - Sync Clean Pro V1.0

    No worries, as i said most of us are working on these as a hobby, it's cool to get some news ! Let me know if i can help
  4. Catzoo

    Missing inputs on C2

    I have the very same issue, and got to the same diagnostic after removing the RA, so i'm really interested in any solution that might help. While i was working on this, i've had the idea of swapping the input physically to working one (with a custom jamma edge connector) in combination with a...
  5. Catzoo

    $1 light gun trigger mod

    Cool upgrade for a buck !
  6. Catzoo

    Sega Blast City PSU Capkit and fan mod

    Hi ! I just finished my Sega Blast City PSU refurb, with a capkit and a fan replacement. My videos are in french as usual, but i always do english subtitles. Hope you'll enjoy ! View:
  7. Catzoo

    Intro & Coming Soon - Sync Clean Pro V1.0

    Chill out guys, you both spent time having your own solution for issues that we might all encounter. There's no competition regarding products that don't do the same things the same way, and for us it's really interesting so see and compare how both are done, and how do they compare from one to...
  8. Catzoo

    [Repair Log] Sega Naomi

    Neat ! You can probably stick that HDMI converter inside and use a small extender. Even cooler would be to have one of theses cheap HDMI cloner, and stick the output to a PCI-looking backplate for Dual output 😂
  9. Catzoo

    Intro & Coming Soon - Sync Clean Pro V1.0

    (having a PFX at home and access to a lot of hardware, i'd be glad to help in any way for testing or whatever)
  10. Catzoo

    Cabinet Cooling

    Nice job ! I really like the fact you went the extra mile of reproducing the whole panel rather than cutting original cab.
  11. Catzoo

    Intro & Coming Soon - Sync Clean Pro V1.0

    Having several incompatible boards waiting to play on my PFX, this was a very interesting read. I might be interested :)
  12. Catzoo

    Blast City - Issue with screen after PSU recap ? (grounding issue ?)

    EDIT : the issue seem to be fixed. I've tried simply grounding the metal frame to the field ground. Everything was connected to earth (central screw of the cab, metal parts, screen frame and video ground pin 14, and also pin 1 when a pcb is plugged in that link 1 and 14), and all of this...
  13. Catzoo

    Blast City Cleanup/Restore - Stringbean

    What an amazing thread, thanks for sharing it, your cab looks really nice !
  14. Catzoo

    Blast City - Issue with screen after PSU recap ? (grounding issue ?)

    Thanks @nem for your answer. I had already ordered 3 pins main power cable, and i just got them in the mail today. It seem to fix the issue with the glass, but i can still shift the screen by touching that black screw on the panel. I tried to check the Blast city manual, but i don't really get...
  15. Catzoo

    Blast City - Issue with screen after PSU recap ? (grounding issue ?)

    Hi, I just did a full recap on my Blast City (Audio amp & PSU) because i was having issue to go to 5V with systems like CPS2. The recap seem to be ok, as everything booted up as normal, no smoke or anything. I can now reach 5V with CPS2 (still needs to crank the 5V pot to the max, but at least...
  16. Catzoo

    Omega Fighter (UPL) - No sound

    Hi ! I tried to fix my Omega Fighter that has sound issue (no sound or not working properly with missing channels, crackling etc.) I shot a quick video about it, as usual it's in french but i did wrote some poor english subs for you guys. Also, this video has a lot of huge mistakes, learn...
  17. Catzoo

    Fixing a dead Ketsui PCB

    Thanks ! To be honest, i wanted to raise (again!) awareness about batteries, because even 10 years after having lost my DOJ to this, friend still have corrosion or batteries on their boards. The next step is : - How can we be SURE that there's nothing left ? Is there anyone here with enough...
  18. Catzoo

    Fixing a dead Ketsui PCB

    Thanks @Dache, it seems like i failed my Copy/paste It should be working now :)
  19. Catzoo

    Fixing a dead Ketsui PCB

    Hi everyone ! I manage to repair a dead Ketsui board, so i thought why not making a video about it. Half of the work was already done so please don't mind if shots don't match. Also, it's in french, but i did some english subtitles 8) I think i must say it again here, but this is not a "how...
  20. Catzoo

    Raiden Fighters Jet no power.

    Just because it might be useful to know : owning several cabs and tons of PCB, Raiden Fighters was the very first game that requieres sync adjustement. Luckily, adjusting to it was still good for any other pcb