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  1. Cooljerk

    Help identifying capacitor C103 on aurail rom board?

    Thanks for the clarification. I'm curious, what does the capacitor do that would make it alright to run without it?
  2. Cooljerk

    Help identifying capacitor C103 on aurail rom board?

    I pulled out my Aurail rom board today and noticed one of the capacitors on the rom board had snapped off and gone missing. It's the one in the upper right corner labeled C103, can anybody identify the cap type so I can replace it?
  3. Cooljerk

    Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder board doesn't play BGM

    I've had this board for several years now and it worked fine, but the last time I pulled it out to give it a run, I noticed all the BGM was missing. The sound effects still play, but I get no BGM anywhere. The rest of the game runs like normal. I'm not very well versed in diagnosing PCB...
  4. Cooljerk

    Hello from Texas!

    Hi, I've been involved in arcade collecting and preservation since 2000 when I first joined the BYOAC boards and bought (and repaired) my first arcade cabinet. I've also been involved in 68000 programming and specifically Sega hacking since 1997. I joined this board looking for some additional...