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  1. nem

    Rhythm Tengoku Monitor kHz

    My guess it has a MS2934, but I haven't seen one to confirm. MS2934 is a 31khz chassis. Jamma is 15khz. If this would be the case you would need to pair the Jammafier with a scaler. The Retro Scaler A1 is made for this exact purpose.
  2. nem

    Sammy Tosh "Video World" information and parts

    The model number is often etched on the side of the lock. If it's a barrel lock, you could try a tubular lock picker on it. You can then use the combination from the lock picker to get a key made.
  3. nem

    [New] Trying to fix a guitar hero arcade

    How did the original screen break exactly? If it's not turning on, you could possibly get it working again if you recap the power supply. The power supply is a separate board in an compartment at the back of the monitor. Anyway, you could try reinstalling the game on a new hard drive. Later...
  4. nem

    "Ash tray" cup holder coin slot replacement

    Printers can't understand stls. You first need to slice the model. I think Cura can output x3g with a plugin.
  5. nem

    Super Monaco GP Airdrive

    Congrats, @sega_man! Amazing effort!
  6. nem

    Time Crisis 4 hard drive

    Just search for tsf1-ha.chd. I would extract the CHD to an image (chdman extractraw -i tsf1-ha.chd -o tsf1-ha.img) and then use hddrawcopytool or Etcher to write it to the hard drive. Less chance of making a goof.
  7. nem

    NVS-4000 / NVS-4000-01 Mount for Astro/New Astro

    I've been biting my tongue, but I can't help myself anymore with the 40% infill comment. Sorry. This thing is super OTT. With an infill of 40%, the whole thing weighs like 800-900g. That's a crap ton of plastic! If you put big vertical holes in all of the three block shapes, you could easily...
  8. nem

    Namco noir top LED, where does it plug in?

    The PSU is at the bottom of the cab. The +12V wires are orange.
  9. nem

    Namco noir top LED, where does it plug in?

    No, that looks like the same as mine. You just have the two front facing boards, not the four top ones. Connect orange to +12V, black to GND and green to the pin I labeled "output 5" on the IO, and you have your lights working (provided you didn't burn them up when you connected them to AC, of...
  10. nem

    Namco noir top LED, where does it plug in?

    Ugh, what a convoluted mess this is. So OK, if you take off the back cover, here's what you're looking at. Here's an old-style Noir. I think yours is like this: Just an AC connection going to the top of the monitor area. On a new-style Noir, you have two connectors: The 3-pin connector...
  11. nem

    Namco noir top LED, where does it plug in?

    Oh yeah, that's true. I guess it's wired to the JVS IO then. Let me look into it and I'll get back to you.
  12. nem

    Namco noir top LED, where does it plug in?

    That's definitely the older monitor surround. The 'HD' text is below the 'Noir Cabinet', as opposed to being to the right of it. There's a 12V PSU at the bottom of the cab. You'll have to run a harness from there.
  13. nem

    Lindbergh Compatible External DVD Drives

    That's the one.
  14. nem

    Namco noir top LED, where does it plug in?

    What does your cab look like? I wonder if the header light has been replaced. That would mean you wouldn't have the 12V harness for it at all. Older cabs had fluorescent light fixtures. What monitor do you have?
  15. nem

    Price check NOS Egret 2 marquee

    Get someone to chuck them on Yahoo Japan. I remember one selling for a grand on YJ. This was years ago when a normal condition cab was worth 2k. EDIT: remembered wrong. It was eBay. $919 in 2014.
  16. nem

    Lindbergh Compatible External DVD Drives

    Xbox 360 HD DVD Player
  17. nem

    Positive feedback for gluthecat

    Bought a PCB from @gluthecat. Excellent packaging, good comms throughout. Two thumbs up.
  18. nem

    [ SOLD ] - TRUXTON II - Toaplan Not Complete, Pcb Jamma ORIGINAL

    It should boot to a 'tilt' message if it's just missing the HK-1000 module. Test mode also would work normally. If it isn't doing that, well, you can draw an obvious conclusion...
  19. nem

    WTB Sega Aero City Control Panel Upper CP surround AnyONE?

    The plastic surrounds are by Sega. Later production run Aeros had them. I've only ever seen a stainless steel surround from RS?