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  1. nnap

    the SPI page comes to mind :)
  2. nnap

    Lightgun multi-game board a la Pandora Box?

    Chihiro also works with that setup and can also be netbooted.
  3. nnap

    Monkey Ball Panel Reproduction

    sent a pm with the files. My banana is a bit rough. XeD and Mirko did a super nice version of the banana from scratch.
  4. nnap

    Drift Out on Taito F2?

    I have one and it is in mame too. Is the one labeled as cameltry conversion in mame. That was from factory, so really an early version of the game before it was released on the single board.
  5. nnap

    Can someone identify a connector for a board for me?

    maybe something like this:
  6. nnap

    Rhythm tengoku question

    the upper picture is my panel and the labels are wrong. Should be B / A as stated above.
  7. nnap

    Truxton II Graphics Issue (Resolved)

    I had a Fixeight that had some sprite/colour issues with a cracked hk-1000. replacing it also fixed the graphics glitches but that might just have been luck.
  8. nnap

    Capcom "Forgotten Worlds' Spinner Repro by Hursit Official Interest Check Poll

    Great project! Could not decide on the panel version yet but pre-ordered 2 spinners. Stock is down to 2…
  9. nnap


    the white JST VL connector is for output and not input. As stated above, input power comes from the jamma edge and the white connector is there to power a JVS games.
  10. nnap

    Rhythm Tengoku Arcade Player 2 A button part

    Can you show a picture how you measure the size?
  11. nnap

    Rhythm Tengoku Arcade Player 2 A button part

    What is the size of your button. If it is the original it might be 60mm and not 45mm. Mine was 45mm to fit the smaller panel.
  12. nnap

    [Repair Log] Sega Naomi

    I don‘t remeber if those are on Naomi 1 but make sure to check both sides of the board for the silkscreened numbers. Do they show up as bad in the memory test?
  13. nnap

    Rhythm Tengoku Arcade Player 2 A button part

    If they are 45mm buttons on the original panel, I have the button reference numbers in this post: You have to measure the hole diameter to see uf they are 45mm buttons.
  14. nnap

    Rhythm Tengoku Arcade Player 2 A button part

    I think those are sanwa buttons. The letter is just a label under the button. So you should get it going by buying a new button to replace the missing top.
  15. nnap

    Naomi Cartridge Buffer Chips

    Just pulled out my 866 with the 322 adapter to check if it works for me. I was using this guide: to configure the dip settings and the 866 software. I used a random PGM rom for a 27C322. Split the rom into 8 x 512kb pieces with binman...
  16. nnap

    Street fighter ex gets to the Arika logo then fails to boot

    the v-ram is on the main board. If it is not populated, there will be an empty square solder footprint that has nothing in it. If your Gallop Racer is the Capcom version, the mobo should boot SFEX and the game should play fine minus a couple of minor grafic glitches.
  17. nnap

    Street fighter ex gets to the Arika logo then fails to boot

    Gallop Racer 1 is Capcom, so that might be worth a try to see if it is the mainboard or the rom board.
  18. nnap

    Afterburner Climax Panel Reproduction

    I did rework the throttle stick to allow for a button and changed the way it is guided and held straight. @Casselfornia, let me know if you need the 3D print files.
  19. nnap

    SFEX2 ZN2 no music, at wit's end, please help

    Had this issue on a EX2 and it was a dead Z80 on the rom board.
  20. nnap

    Loud thump sound when I turn on my NNC. Any tips for fixing?

    All NUCs that I worked on do that. I think it is normal for these cabs.