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  1. Asure

    WTB: Jaleco Psychic 5 pcb

    I settled on a bootleg a long time ago, it was this game and JuJu Densetsu (Toki) that i had a hard time to find originals. Toki worked out, but this game was already 600+. Now i see 1000+ euro before shipping.. i know it's a cult classic, but this is extreme.
  2. Asure

    GunBarl guns don't recoil and can't target anything on the far left

    Don't know about recoil, or if you got a PCB+Guns, loose IO or a whole cab, and so on. Need more details. Gun games use a lens in the gun, i would suggest taking the gun apart with care, and clean it with care. Maybe the lens is misaligned.
  3. Asure

    (FS) New list with some games for sale - Added RAIDEN

    Surprise attack is such an underrated game. It's like Rolling Thunder and Shinobi had an affair in 2084 and this was the result.
  4. Asure


    Is there an eta update for this, lots of good Irem games :)
  5. Asure

    Tekken 7 FR - How to link?

    I'm writing this in a more easy way so your google translate will work better i hope. You never answer the questions. Please answer us: Do you own the dongle for the Tekken 7 game? Do you replace any hardware item in the PC before it stopped working? Maybe you change the CPU? VGA? Boot with no...
  6. Asure

    Tekken 7 FR - How to link?

    This hobby is like most others these days, before we needed to know how to solder, now it's all TPM and Bitlocker. Otherwise it's a bit of a paperweight/doorstop, and we can play the waiting game for a decent exploit/zero day and see how that goes. Like when shellshock arrived and we could all...
  7. Asure

    Tekken 7 FR - How to link?

    I can't provide any links to pirated material or discuss it further as this is against forum rules, but if you google the thin "emu line" you should really be able to find what you need.
  8. Asure

    Tekken 7 FR - How to link?

    WIth a bit of google, there's a unprotected dump out there of t7fr2 so yeah. Forget about fixing up the old one with TPM and go the dump route i'd say?
  9. Asure

    Help with Top3000 Programmer Drivers

    Looks like someone hijacked that baidu account and posted an infected 'newer' version then. I don't know why/how.
  10. Asure

    Help with Top3000 Programmer Drivers

    Oh i meant the baidu link @bytestorm posted, i'm curious where it originated as this was trojaned and then dropped on that site. It should probably also be deleted to avoid others getting it somehow.
  11. Asure

    Help with Top3000 Programmer Drivers

    Tried this on an up-to-date machine, but even Windows defender states there's a Trojan 'wacatac' inside so i edited my post and removed the link to it. @bytestorm Where did this link come from? Who sent you this link? What's the source? @skate323k137 pls edit your post so we can get rid of the...
  12. Asure

    Help with Top3000 Programmer Drivers

    I asked around and a friend helped me out It's here *** EDIT LINK REMOVED *** I didn't scan this for viri whatsoever.
  13. Asure

    Changing CPS1 SFIIWW . Possible ?

    That seller isn't really clear on what he's selling. 19.76 only gets you three roms by the looks of it? Your rom board is suited for some conversions, not all. It doesn't take generic eproms on the top half, and 27c4096 for the bottom half. Program roms are 27C010 as far as i can tell. Also...
  14. Asure

    Kiddy Ride Trans Dakar II, HITBOX3 system (Game Plus Co., Ltd)

    Did you try the simple stuff like checking battery, power supply etc. ? Maybe the blue connector near the top could be a TTL serial port?
  15. Asure

    MS9-29A 15khz Sync(?) Issue

    You didn't state it in the post and i cannot see the relay in my crystal ball. Autoswitching 29A isn't common, so i had assumed you didn't have one. Does the relay click at all when you change the tpg from 15 to 24? You didn't tell us this. Maybe post a pic of the chassis. As 15K was working...
  16. Asure

    MS9-29A 15khz Sync(?) Issue

    This monitor is not auto sync, are you switching the 15/24 header on the board too? Maybe obvious.. but you never know..
  17. Asure

    Tube oddness on Toshiba A68KJU96X

    Well, the glass is melted when they secure the neck, and the neck part itself is also made from dripping hot glass, and in the end, this part gets broken off so i don't see a problem here. I'm assuming the tube works?
  18. Asure

    Irem UNDERCOVER COPS Graphic issue [ HELP ]

    Maybe some of the gfx roms are in the wrong order? Post a pic of the rom board, i think some of the labels were wrong in the mame src for a while. Could have been a misplacement of roms.
  19. Asure

    BOUNTY: CPS1.5 games (with Q-Sound) on CPS2 multi

    I also started looking into this, but C&D had a lot more security checks that needed patching. I even tried to get the bootleg code running first (assuming it was patched), but gave up on it a loooong time ago.
  20. Asure

    Released: Arabian Fight (All regions)

    The sub pcb 834-8529-01 is the security device. When i made these patches i assumed there was a FD block on them, but i guess i was wrong, it's an encrypted V30 cpu. We can confirm however, your security cpu/card is broken, the patch from me just bypassed it. Game should work with this board...