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  1. AlxUnderBase

    Cyvern Conversion

    Like a champion 👏🏻❤️
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    SYSTEM-18 Black Screen question

    @SMD88 You may try to check the continuity of that traces first and the go further with testing the rom boards :happy:
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    MiSTer FPGA

    Nice core beta released on MiSTer FPGA View:
  4. AlxUnderBase

    Positive feedback for Obed_marsh

    Glad to deal with @Obed_marsh and hopefully he will make an introduction post about himself ! :happy: Nice & trustly person here, guys !
  5. AlxUnderBase

    New Nanao MS9-29 Replacement Remote Boards

    Amazing products there 🤤
  6. AlxUnderBase


    Welcome ! Nice corner , great place :happy:
  7. AlxUnderBase

    [FS] Raiden Fighters 1 cart , Taito Type X1

    Added : Raiden Fighters 1 cart
  8. AlxUnderBase

    Interest check for MC Cthulhu chips.

    Late party joined , but if @armi0024 will make this possible have any ic chip left , or any of the brothers have any spares , i'm interested in 1 piece too ! Thank you :happy:
  9. AlxUnderBase

    Positive Feedback waiwainl

    Great to deal (help to get Raiden pcb) with @waiwainl ! Nice person & good communication between ! :happy:
  10. AlxUnderBase

    Positive feedback for SC-Ultra

    Great to deal with @SC-Ultra (help to get some Toaplan stuff) ! Nice person here ! Thanks for all :happy:
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    Simpsons 4 player boot issue

    @Illmattic Konami is sucks sometimes . I can talk from my personal experience and show how Aliens pcb is act on my setup (i received as faulty , i knew about this and i sent it to repair … the Fuji logic ic’s are the problem with these boards most of the time) Here is how my pcb did when was...
  12. AlxUnderBase

    openkey kabuki project

    Top user here . Congrats for this release mr @ack ✌🏻
  13. AlxUnderBase

    (WTB) Namco Consolette cab

    I can help to get it . For sure 18” was available and ive told you on Arcade Otaku how much was back then , but now i think 25” can be sourced too 👍🏻
  14. AlxUnderBase

    Nanao MS9-29 enhancement hacks

    Thank you brother @squallrs ! Received today your letter (went very fast :happy:) !
  15. AlxUnderBase

    [SOLD] Irken Labs Jammafier and Tri-Sync Helper

    GLWS ! Great price here ! :happy:
  16. AlxUnderBase

    SOLD: Astro PSU model 400-1598

    Look MINT ! GLWS ! Great price :happy:
  17. AlxUnderBase

    [FS] Raiden Fighters 1 cart , Taito Type X1

    Sold : Raiden sold to @waiwainl
  18. AlxUnderBase

    Muchi muchi pork

    i imported cabs in uk 👍🏻 :happy:
  19. AlxUnderBase

    WTB: Raiden 1 PCB

    Received and replied back on Otaku forum . Ok 👍🏻