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  1. Hackcell

    CPS1 - CPS2 - CPS3 Label Stickers Colored Version

    Marvel Super Heroes, GigaWing, Mars Matrix or 19xx?
  2. Hackcell

    Neo-19 Cabinet RE-Production

    where do I sign up?
  3. Hackcell

    WTB Astro City Glass Clamp Clip

    Hello, did you ever found it? I'm looking for one of these clamp clips.
  4. Hackcell

    Working on a Sega Blast City

    ohhh, got it.
  5. Hackcell

    Working on a Sega Blast City

    what about zsabos? is it good quality?
  6. Hackcell

    Negative feedback for YATON

    I purchased from Yaton website some pieces for my blast cabinet and after a month (China -> USA -> Costa Rica) everything arrived without issues.
  7. Hackcell

    Sega Blast City Monitor Front Connector Panel

    Question... what's the use of the third (long) connector?
  8. Hackcell

    Blast City side art - Feedback request.

    Hello, I'm in the process of restoring a Blast City cabinet, and part of this restoration includes a massive paint job. As I will have to get rid of the original side art, I'm looking for feedback for the best repro of this side art available. Thank you.
  9. Hackcell

    Working on a Sega Blast City

    Thanks! I could use that to fix a crack on my astro cab, too!
  10. Hackcell

    Working on a Sega Blast City

    Silly question... which one of all bondo products are you using? Bondo can't be found here in Costa Rica so I have to order it thru amazon and there are several options. Thanks!
  11. Hackcell

    FT: Taito Egret II Mahjong Panel, & Blast City Versus Kit

    Hi, are you willing to sell the full kit?
  12. Hackcell

    WTB - Blast city bezel (ms-2931 compatible)

    The current bezel my blast city has was cut to fit a Wells Garder tube. Looking to replace it. Thanks.
  13. Hackcell

    Hello from South Korea

    Welcome and greetings from the other side of the Pacific!
  14. Hackcell

    OK Baby Credit Sticker?

    Hello, Let me know if this works out well for you or if you want some modification.
  15. Hackcell

    Drey's Blast City Rescue!

    Lets see if they ship to the US...
  16. Hackcell

    WTB: working Sanwa PM1745/27Z21C chassis *found*

    what's the idea of this? to turn a PM1745 yoke compatible with a MS9 chasis? I have a Daytona USA with a 27Z21C/PM1745 combination and the Sanwa keeps failing whilst I have 2 MS9-29s as spares.
  17. Hackcell

    The Jassifier

    Hello, Could I use this to send a 15khz signal from a VGA card to a standard arcade monitor? (like an arcadeVGA). Thanks!
  18. Hackcell

    FS: Betsubetsu Arcade Capture board V2

    Do you still have in stock?