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  1. Zepherino

    Minigun Supergun Advanced Edition 9-pin Minidin v2.5 (5 units in stock)

    I can confirm his statement on shipping. I bought some smaller items somewhat recently, and the packaging was some of the best I've seen and put some retailers to shame.
  2. Zepherino

    build arcade cabinet / Candy cab that does not suck?

    I think this particular cab had some major body repair done to it. An OK Baby didn't mix wood and plastic construction afaik, although it's been several years since I last saw one in person. Oddly enough, the OK Baby is most likely a clone of the Tecmo Kyotaro Excellent, but the regular Kyotaro...
  3. Zepherino

    What's the important point for a 3d printer beginner

    For a beginner, choosing a popular printer that has a big community and support, followed by somewhat low (but not the lowest) price. You should consider your other, more advanced needs/wants such as Klipper, high speed printing, and more advanced kinematics after you gain some experience. A...
  4. Zepherino

    Chewlix Gut & Rebuild

    Out of curiosity, if the cab is running a PC, why would an upscaler be needed? Even if the PC is super old and doesn't have digital output, you can use a VGA to HDMI/DVI converters that have little to no lag. Edit: Ah I see. The PC has some sort of JAMMA/CHAMMA interface. If the monitor has a...
  5. Zepherino


    I'm currently also dealing with a mute ST-V board. The TDA1386T chip was in bad shape when I checked it (thanks to this thread), and there was obvious evidence of someone making some sort of horrible repair attempt. Gobs of solder, several legs were damaged, and some seemed like they were...
  6. Zepherino

    -Making a arcade game, First draft of Cabinet Design.

    I wouldn't worry too much about an arcade cabinet design, and focus on a finished (or near finished vertical slice) of your game first. Arcade cabs are somewhat of a niche interest, and takes a ton of effort and know-how from a design and build standpoint to get right. Juggling that on top of...
  7. Zepherino

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    Nice. The footprint looks pretty similar to the original Jamma Expander, so modifying the case I made for V1 to V2 would take very little effort. From a glance it seems only the RCA jacks moved slightly, assuming the mounting holes on the PCB didn't change.
  8. Zepherino

    WTB - Sega Astro City

    A bit off topic, but I've been looking for an OK Baby for a little while now since I'm from Taiwan, and it's good to know that they seem to be decent cabs despite being a clone (of the Kyotaro Excellent from what I've seen). The last one I saw in person was briefly in Taipei Xinmending several...
  9. Zepherino

    WTB - Sega Astro City

    Be open to the idea of learning about arcade cabs and slowly developing the knowledge and skillset for some repairs if you can. These things are decades old, served in public settings, and the need for repairs, whether cosmetic or functional, won't a case of if, but when. mr_caesar touched on...
  10. Zepherino

    Blast City Bottom Panel Rust Removal

    For the kick plate, its probably small enough that you can use a plastic box filled with some Evapo-rust and just soak the affected part for a day. I've done this with rusty control panels with decent success. Target has a decent selection of plastic boxes for cheap, usually named something like...
  11. Zepherino

    [PRE-ORDER] JAMMA extension harness

    Is there a waitlist for this, or do I just voice my interest on this thread? I would like 1 with the CPS2 harness and connector
  12. Zepherino

    Why is SF Zero 3 upper has bad reputation?

    Hyper Alpha 3 is somewhat accessible for local play since it was a PS2 release as Alpha Anthology, and you can buy new sealed copies of that game for like $20. Hook up some Brook converters for modern controllers/sticks, and away you go. Getting SFA3 Upper is a bit more difficult... It's under...
  13. Zepherino

    On the hunt for a RPI or PC setup for my Astro city

    Unfortunately, I feel like Astro City just isn't really great for 480i/p and JVS games like NAOMI. Usability wise, there will be lots of compromise. You're either forced to 480i, which doesn't look great on the MS9, or you're relying on downscaling or emulation to force 240p. 240p means you're...
  14. Zepherino

    Type X replacement PSU and CPU Cooler

    Nice, watching this thread to remind me later. I need to check if it also works with TTX2 when I have the time to crack both cases open
  15. Zepherino

    Taito Type X2 Build

    The post above yours by nam9 links to another post that describes what the 3 cables are. It's COM (serial, goes into COM2 per other posts), SPDIF (audio), and front panel (which is probably for the reset button). If you read my post from before, I already went over what the USB and other ports...
  16. Zepherino

    WTB/Looking for Seimitsu JB-35-T

    It would depend on how many switches survived after my cleanup efforts (they were seriously gross... currently taking a IPA ultrasonic bath), but my guess so far based on damaged switch caps would be: 7 white 1 pink 2 yellow 1 orange 1 green
  17. Zepherino

    WTB/Looking for Seimitsu JB-35-T

    I have a rusty, crusty Astro City mahjong panel that I've been working on cleaning up, and I need a few of these small, square shaped push buttons. I've seen them offered by, but the shipping prices are quite expensive. If anyone knows where else these might be sold, I would...
  18. Zepherino

    Konami Windy 1 Toshiba PB6643-1 Vertical Collapse

    If you have Facebook, there's a few rhythm game focused groups where people list their stuff. The most active one is probably this: With how much prices exploded recently, 200-300 sadly doesn't even sound that crazy for a chassis...
  19. Zepherino

    Konami Windy 1 Toshiba PB6643-1 Vertical Collapse

    Great info here, watching the thread for future reference. If the chassis ends up being unrepairable, at the very least it shouldn't be impossible to find a replacement. The D29CR55 was used in a ton of Bemani games, with DDR almost certainly the most common in the US. A lot of people in the...
  20. Zepherino

    YATON FS. LOT ARCADE CABINETS AND FOR PARTS (Also 10 astro city and 10 blast city with 4 net city booking)

    Protip for the nicotine stains: Don't bother scrubbing and use a strong degreaser like Purple Power. Just spray on the crud, rinse, and watch it just melt off. I wasted a good couple of hours of scrubbing before finding that out. Both the monitor chassis and PSUs would probably benefit from a...