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    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    @hursit or anyone else: I'm interested in purchasing if I can fit my 20 inch PVM into it. Have the dimensions and diagram of the CRT box area been shared?
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    Repro Aero city panel 6/5/2020 update!

    Your wish is my command. My camera wasn't broken but the Aero Table needed to have the bad attempt at a paint job stripped and big scratches in the monitor and glass buffed out. I'm going to strip the remaining paint on the glass cover and then see how I like it and may paint it back to the...
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    Repro Aero city panel 6/5/2020 update!

    Just received my 2 player 6 button panel and it mounted perfectly on my Aero Table. Very happy with the quality. The panel is nice and solid and matches the style of the original. With EMS it shipped on Friday and arrived Monday to Northern California.