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  1. brizzo

    System 32 homebrew?

    @rockets check out Macro Assembler AS V1.42 -- it has some support for V60 -- Also be sure to check out MAME's unidasm tool, which could be helpful for studying/extracting some existing start up code and other useful bits from an existing S32 game
  2. brizzo

    Hobbyist Arcade Maker from LA

    OKAY I LIKE IT, PICASSO! Shameless replug for your video because it is actually good: View:
  3. brizzo

    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi

    Strange, I definitely have not received a PM from you. I sent you a PM with ordering details :)
  4. brizzo

    Request for Axunworks to reach back to customers

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say here? I see users sharing that their orders are finally shipping as Shenzhen just exited lock down
  5. brizzo

    Negative feedback for YATON

    @Bluechen This isn't the place to be asking someone to act as proxy for you to make a purchase Please make a new thread
  6. brizzo

    Sad story

    I am an admin here, and you're doing what I just asked you to stop doing.
  7. brizzo

    Sad story

    @ItsBobDudes has stated he will give the 7-11 days time to allow this to be sorted. @Arcade game and @tonyt76 it is now time to stop pecking at each other. I would appreciate it if everyone could let this thread cool down
  8. brizzo

    Dongle conversion

    @Tyson1911 can you do everyone a favor and not make up stupid stories and post them as if they are true? The tools were posted on github, and were since taken down by dmca strike. When l_oliveira was working on these tools back in 2019, he asked me if I cared about them being posted. I told him...
  9. brizzo

    FS: Golden Axe / System 16B

    Sold 2 of these boards Have another that has minor damage and needs work, will get that done and post up some pics and decide on fair price soon :)
  10. brizzo

    Hi everybody, I'm not the roker.

    Just so we're clear, does that make you the joker, smoker, and midnight toker, if not the roker?
  11. brizzo

    FS: Golden Axe / System 16B

    Golden Axe PCB, De-suicided, tested and working as it should. $200 USD + shipping (approx 40-55 to US addresses from Canada) Can include JAMMA adapter if needed for extra $15
  12. brizzo

    246 future proofing/multi

    See the pinned threads in this forum, specifically:
  13. brizzo

    Using spinner to play NG/JAMMA games

    Yes they are available. It works with any game that uses joystick left/right inputs. Hursit's repro spinner is compatible. Send me a PM if you want one :)