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    Konami Customs pinned out

    Very helpful - thank you for sharing this!
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    MiSTerAddons MiSTercade - MiSTer for JAMMA cabinets

    The Windy II uses a Nanao MS-2930 chassis board and Toshiba tube, which is pretty much the same as the MS-2931 in the Sega Blast City. The monitor will display both 15khz and 31khz content, so it's fine with the 15khz that your MiSTercade is currently outputting through the VGA port. These...
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    DARKSOFT CPS1 Multi - Support thread

    A full cap list is available here:
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    Artax Multi Boot straight into game and turn off utilities menu.

    FYI: The AP forum admins have asked that the Artax image not be discussed on here. There is an Unofficial Artax Discord forum where you can talk about it - I'm pretty sure the fixes you're looking for have been shared on there.
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    Retro Hardware Capacitors LISTS

    I've added your spreadsheet to the shared database. Thanks for contributing!
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    Sega STV repair (Need help)

    In MAME, after testing IC11, it looks like it moves on to test IC24 and IC25 simultaneously. Since it's freezing at that step on your board, it's likely that either or both IC24 and IC25 (or the connections to them) are bad.
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    APOCALYPSE Irem M72 Multi, Sales , Installation and Support

    I’m not sure there’s a solution for you that won’t require spending money. In a nutshell, Irem M72, Taito F3, and some Toaplan V2 boards are notorious for using non-standard sync (here, 55.01hz is a bit off the 60hz the set expects) and Samsung sets are notorious for being intolerant of...
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    APOCALYPSE Irem M72 Multi, Sales , Installation and Support

    Can you post a picture of the OSSC display after pushing the Info button on the remote with the M72 running? Also what kind of TV is the OSSC hooked up to?
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    FS Golden Axe Revenge of Death Adder PCB

    The seller hasn’t logged in since Oct 2020.
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    APOCALYPSE Irem M72 Multi, Sales , Installation and Support

    Does the OSSC show a red light or a green light? If the light is green then the OSSC is locked on and putting out a signal but your display might not like it. When that happens with me, changing the OSSC’s upscaling level usually makes things work. 2X and 3X upscale are more compatible than 4X...
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    APOCALYPSE Irem M72 Multi, Sales , Installation and Support

    The CBOX has a DB15 (aka VGA) port. Have you tried connecting your CBOX to the OSSC with that port using a VGA cable? That will leave the horizontal and vertical sync signals separate instead of combining them like the SCART connection does. The OSSC should have an easier time getting a lock on...
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    anyone here pre order project neon ?

    I ordered it, and yeah the September 2022 update on Twitter was the last word out on it in quite a while. Fingers crossed.
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    APOCALYPSE Irem M72 Multi, Sales , Installation and Support

    I've used my M72 with an OSSC and HAS SuperGun and had it work, but I believe I had to set the HAS set to regenerate the sync signal. What SuperGun are you using?
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    Stereo + Kick Harness Add-on Boards (Everten)

    Will the MV1FZ mod be in stock?
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    Research into CV1000 Blitter performance and behavior

    I wouldn't be surprised if the coders had to ship it before having time to optimize it. Fantastic research Buffi - I'm so glad to see this type of work being done.
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    PGM single game PCB assembly and troubleshooting

    Later games like Demon Front, Bee Storm and Knights of Valor 2 are difficult to repro because their code is stored on the ROMs encrypted, and an ARM7 coprocessor on the cart PCB is used to decrypt on the fly. The ARM might do other coprocessing besides decryption with those games to help out...
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    Taito FAST I/O K91X1204B Analog Support

    Not yet. I haven’t powered it up in a while, but I need to.
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    Taito FAST I/O K91X1204B Analog Support

    Not really. In fighting games, my IO board won’t recognize the “medium punch” button and “hard punch” triggers light punch simultaneously when pressed. Changing the DIP switches doesn’t change anything and I don’t know if all of the same mode of IO boards have the same issue or if it’s a...
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    Website for my repair logs

    Share a link!
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    Website for my repair logs

    I still plan on posting all of my arcade PCB repair logs here on AP, but I wanted to collect all of my video game repair logs, YouTube videos and other written materials from here and elsewhere into one self-hosted website so I know that they'll always be available. I'm sure AP is on solid...