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  1. thomas3184

    Vewlix Diamon Button Harness Diagram

    You can google vewlix manuals, here is a snippit.
  2. thomas3184

    FOUND: 100¥ Coins

    Correct, you can flip it around and screw it back in.
  3. thomas3184

    FOUND: 100¥ Coins

    They work fine. Usually all these repro ones are magnetic so they get stuck because there is a magnet in the coin mech. You just have to unscrew it to remove it.
  4. thomas3184

    [SOLD] CIB WonderSwan Crystal / Modded PCEGT

    Oo, looks like I missed out on the pce gt. That wonderswan looks pretty nice too though.
  5. thomas3184

    Taito Type X 3 (TTX3) Owners Thread - Pics/Info/Stuff

    I don’t believe fastio firmware supports buttons 7/8. Sfv uses a different i/o. If you are playing pc/console games, you are probably using a brooks board which you can then wire up all the buttons.
  6. thomas3184

    Taito Type X 3 (TTX3) Owners Thread - Pics/Info/Stuff

    But I never even switch it off.
  7. thomas3184


    Well, how much if stool and cab included? Lol
  8. thomas3184

    Official Taito TTX intro animation to replace Artax 4.1 intro video - REUPLOADED

    You can look in the registry to see what windows is shelled to start with instead of explorer.exe. I believe it is in c drive sustem folder or maybe even root folder.
  9. thomas3184

    Official Taito TTX intro animation to replace Artax 4.1 intro video - REUPLOADED

    Bios splash screen is enough for me lol, I disable video too.
  10. thomas3184

    Chewlix Gut & Rebuild

    For an lcd cab I would just use a pc or a ttx2/3
  11. thomas3184

    WTB: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: All-Star Carnival

    Check out this post, Cereth is the guy to talk to if you are looking for rhythm games.
  12. thomas3184

    Atomiswave SD Wei-Ya C3129D monitor horizontal jitter issues

    Nice, I also hear it’s recommended to get a small fan blowing on the chassis/neckboard as well since they run super hot if you want to get some more life out of it.
  13. thomas3184

    price check - Egret 3

    I would agree with the 2.5k assessment as a baseline for an egret 3 with weiya. Back when I got it, e3 was 1200 when astros were going for about 1000. Being that not as many egret 3 come up for sale though, it could fetch a higher price as some people may be looking for a different looking cab...
  14. thomas3184

    TAITO X3 404

    Just check the white sticker on the case for the model number. It’s where all the specs are listed.
  15. thomas3184

    Hello from California!

    Well you are in the right area to start amassing your collection.
  16. thomas3184

    WTB: Florescent bulbs for candy cabs ( Egret 2 ) in the US

    If you have a batteries+bulbs store, they will order you exactly what you want, but it won’t be cheap either. Came out to like $19 a bulb when I bought two.
  17. thomas3184

    Taito Benches Group Order (SHIPPING!)

    Good, save me money.
  18. thomas3184

    Taito Benches Group Order (SHIPPING!)

    Might regret asking, but you said you have a couple spares ordered?