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    SOLD: Sigma Raijin Supergun

    love the look of these things, wish it was in the UK!
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    Arcade Cabinet Moving Tips, Tricks?

    Guess it’s good you could get them all through the doors without strip down. I’ve moved 2 Nac’s now up 3 flights, first solo, defo was better with a friend but had to fully take them apart. The taillift looks like it saved you a lot of pain! You can now ruin your back shifting all the records 😆
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    2P Simpsons 12c rom check issue

    Much Appreciated - yeah don’t think the u’s match on mine. Sorry for basic question, Prob need to step up my kit, you’re saying test these with logic probe right ? Haven’t got too far into testing socketed EEPROMs. Matt
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    2P Simpsons 12c rom check issue

    It returned. Damn had it in the nac, seemed to have set itself to 1player only, went into setting to change to 2player then the 12c error kicked right in again. Here’s a vid of me trying the hold test trick, seemed to be stuck ..
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    ***SOLD*** WTT: Juno First

    Awesome. Hope it went to a good home.
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    Seibu board supergun set up

    Thanks appreciated - thats the route I went - hooked up to a scart crt works well. At the time was just exhausting the routes as the lcd is 4:3, rotates easily etc so quite wanted to test it on that. Like you say looks better on the old trinitron I got!
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    MiSTer FPGA

    Just scanning this thread this is just what I need I think - got a new scart crt. Rgc cable to hook it up. Cheers !
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    R-type Leo sprite fix / case

    Though to be fair the reset of the boards does seem to have settled it
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    R-type Leo sprite fix / case

    Took the board apart tonight, this maybe this on one of the connectors ? (not the best photo) they’re a bit bowed too but not too bad
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    Seibu board supergun set up

    I know there’s a good older thread here getting the right crt to run some of these Seibu boards, but I’m just seeing if there are any options or set ups to get them working with an lcd. I have a pretty decent 4:3 eizo flexscan 2133 monitor so seeing if I there are any options. Currently I’ve...
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    R-type Leo sprite fix / case

    Yeah, I’m not super experienced so part of me is do I take the two boards apart have a look/reseat stuff or because it’s working now just leave it as is!!
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    R-type Leo sprite fix / case

    These aren’t too bad, but maybe need to add some so I can add feet that actually touch the surface and not just rest on the pcb chips etc. This was all I loosened to get the sprites back, plus before and after (though before in a cab, after on the bench)
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    R-type Leo sprite fix / case

    Picked up a r-type Leo wasn’t showing sprites and thanks to checking here and a few places I ended up loosening one of the board screws which seemed to settle the connectors between the two boards and sort it. Bit awkward these double boards just thinking of a good way to store it or maybe help...
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    Positive feedback for djsheep

    Another shout out for the sheep. Even the letter had a djsheep stamp on. Came quick to the uk for anyone considering. Just need to sort a stv multi cart case for it!
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    FS: Spider-Man the arcade PCB $325 shipped ***SOLD***

    Good one, good price. There’s a lot of bosses to get through for poor old hungover spidey and crew..
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    FOR SALE: High Quality Vinyl Darksoft Multi Kit Labels: CPS-2, CPS-3, ST-V, F3, etc.

    Just got an ST-V multi - is it easy enough to ship to uk? Will pm cheer
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    FS: Sega ST-V, Sega 16B and Sega C2 (also Irem M72) multicart game selector with LCD screen

    Will email, hopefully picking up an stv multi this weekend, in the uk
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    2P Simpsons 12c rom check issue

    Just to summarise this one if anyone has an issue. follow the suggestions from those who know what they're doing above. In my case i guess eeprom was ok. I did read that ER5911 stores settings, and i (maybe) caused this by adjusting settings then possibly (though i don't recall) pressing test...