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  1. Starcade

    Taito Battle Gear 3 Parts (SOLD)

    I have some very clean but untested parts for Battle Gear 3. I don't have a set up so unable to test them. Looking for $15 for the lot, postage will be extra. Would make great spares - amp board, I/O board & USB to LAN adapter.
  2. Starcade

    Tekken 7 round 2 sync issue

    Is there any way of correcting it? It’s seriously annoying that this particular game version infinitely (what a pun) hangs on infinite assure 2.
  3. Starcade

    Tekken 7 round 2 sync issue

    I have had this issue too with a particular version. I think if you set ‘no change of player’ in the continue option in settings it removes the sync issue (it did at least for me). This version also hung on the Infinite Asure 2 stage also. I ended up getting another system.
  4. Starcade


    I just bought a T7 ES3 system and it’s running version 4.20 revision 1.15.01 with HDD TR2115-1-NA-MPRO-PO1
  5. Starcade

    WTB Tekken 6 BR HDD and dongle

    I am looking for a replacement HDD and dongle for a T6 BR Namco system 357 if anyone has one please.
  6. Starcade

    R-Type LEO sound problem

    Could be a dry joint somewhere. Flexing the board often establishes the connection lost through the dry joint. Continued flexing of the board may have permanently lost the ability to bridge the dry joint so it now remains in its odd state. These boards are known for bad capacitors in the sound...
  7. Starcade

    Konami 573 audio 'noise' once game has booted/initialised

    Hammy told me to put a ground wire to the external casing on mine (when it was generating humming sounds) and that did cure the issue with mine.
  8. Starcade

    Atomiswave Ranger Mission Cart

    Just wanted to express my thanks to everyone who reached out to me for this wanted add. I ended up buying one local, so was inexpensive without importing the cart.
  9. Starcade

    Mortal Kombat 2 soundboard

    I have for sale a fully working MK2 soundboard. Last one sold for $150 on here (excluding postage) so advertising it at the same deal. I can provide the ribbon cable but I don’t have any spare power cables for it. Happy to provide a video of the soundboard test on WhatsApp to the buyer.
  10. Starcade

    WTB Battletoads/ Killer Instinct 1 and 2 / Mortal Kombat 1,2,3 / Double Dragon 1,2,3 / Street Fighter Series / Marvel vs Capcom Series / Karate Champ

    I have the following boards and may sell depending on an agreed price Mortal Kombats 1 to 4 Double Dragon 1 and 2 Street Fighter 1 Karate Champ I am in the UK for postage consideration.
  11. Starcade

    Atomiswave Ranger Mission Cart

    Thanks Carl, hoping to bag one for my self if possible though.
  12. Starcade

    Atomiswave Ranger Mission Cart

    USA is where I was expecting to buy it from, being realistic. If you could send me a PM with the price it will be appreciated.
  13. Starcade

    Atomiswave Ranger Mission Cart

    Looking for a cart if anyone has one, thanks.
  14. Starcade

    WTB: Naomi Trackball Housing/Parts (Virtua Golf)

    Hi, I have the original Sega top part. PM me.
  15. Starcade

    Sega JVS type 2 I/O PCB

    Thanks for the reply. That is the I/O I need but I am no longer searching for one.
  16. Starcade

    Namco 369 Supergun setup question

    Sega I/O type A and B work fine with the a 369
  17. Starcade

    Triforce Compact Flash Drive

    Hello all, Can someone let me know the answer to these, hopefully, simple questions? I have a Triforce type 3 and I am currently Netbooting to the system. I only play one game on it with a dedicated control panel and own official compact flash card readers from Sega. Since I'm not going to...
  18. Starcade

    WTB: Jaleco City Connection PCB

    There was a bootleg board on EBay for an absolute age for less than a tenth of the price. I was seeing it constantly in searches. Appears to have sold now though.
  19. Starcade

    Sega JVS type 2 I/O PCB

    If anyone has one spare to sell I could be interested in buying one.