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    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    From what i read, that seems to be the case, need to be below 5.15v, maybe just se t it to 5-5.05v
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    Building Arcade Cabinet, Technical Thread

    @hursit used to be a hand model on the dl :D
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    FS: Vewlix L Cabinet Dragonball Z Theme. $2300 Louisiana

    That cab looks gorgeous, glws!
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    [FS]full sheetmetal VEWLIX mini,need 3 more orders

    This looks really cool!
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    Salut Everyone !

    Welcome to the friendliest arcade centric forum in the net :thumbsup:
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    Irem Hook Brand New with original box Serial Number Double matching Sold

    Wow, this is definitely not a hobby for college students, well students cant really afford anything. Thankfully ramen is still cheap :D
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    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    I cant afford this now, and I dont have a cab anyway, but I m looking to get a mister in the future. Just wanted to say this is a very cool project though, congrats to whoever gets one.
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    To those with Altered Beast (any version) and the S16 multi. Can you check this out?

    I've been looking into getting a mister setup after setting up an nvidia shield with retorarch thanks to the help from members here. I dont know Jotego, dont know the mister community really, but he/she seems to be like the only one actively working on arcade cores, everyone else seems focused...
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    SEGA G-Loc: complete restoration saga.

    Where you able to get it all restored and back together! Thats some serious work going there.
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    Windows 7 Read Only GroovyMame Image

    Very cool, will give this a try for sure.
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    Vacuum Formed Part Reproduction

    Wow that thing is huge, looks like one of those hot lamp food counter things. You guys sure have tools and toys to play with. What is that bar/table?? in dark blue in the background? Is it like jukebox?
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    Monkey Ball Panel Reproduction

    that explains it then, I went to a dave and buster with some friends to check out what they had. Was not overly impressed. Did play an elevator shooting that seem pretty cool. And they had giant screen pacman that was pretty cool too. Redemption stuff/games are silly though. I got so pissed...
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    Hello from Edmonton

    Welcome, this place is awesome. I recently joined, and I will say the members here are very helpful and welcoming. Get ready for info overload though, so many options for so many things.
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    Monkey Ball Panel Reproduction

    This looks really cool, I havent seen this before I think I saw a monkey game but it was weird with giant crystal ball, like a bowling ball.
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    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    Damn, you guys make so much cool stuff here.
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    Wow, things things looks amazing!!
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    Total New Noob Here :)

    Thanks guys!
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    Total New Noob Here :)

    Hello all, Im originally from PA, but I have recently moved to NY for school. Totally new to the arcade hobby, came here because of other members that have spread the word about amazing projects that are going on here, @twistedsymphony , @Derick2k , @SmokeMonster to name a few there are...