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  1. bobbydilley

    Namco system 357 emulation? Maybe? PROJECT OMED 2023

    Awesome, you guys are smashing it!
  2. bobbydilley

    Namco system 357 emulation? Maybe? PROJECT OMED 2023

    Awesome work! This is not legal advice, but I’ve seen how much you’ve gone through for this so just a comment to hopefully make sure more issues don’t arise. RPCS3 uses the GNU General Public License Version 2 (June 1991). According to the license, you are welcome to use RPCS3 and its source...
  3. bobbydilley

    JVSCore - Software JVS-Pac for Linux

    Any with an FTDI chipset. They’re all generic branded so I can’t give you a specific one to buy as it’ll different to the sellers from my country.
  4. bobbydilley

    JVSCore - Software JVS-Pac for Linux

    try: sudo apt remove brltty Other than that your adaptor might not be good enough, is it an FTDI chipset one?
  5. bobbydilley

    Lindbergh Emulator

    > I guess the next logical step would be for someone to create a clone of the JVS card or create a board to interface real hardware with the loader you're working on. The project can already interface with all original hardware, and is the soul purpose of the project really. JVS can be...
  6. bobbydilley

    Lindbergh Emulator You can look at the supported titles here, currently those two games don't work.
  7. bobbydilley

    Lindbergh Emulator

    Hello, You can set the JVS to come out of a USB to RS485 converter which you can then connect to the real IO board inside the cab. This is controlled in the settings file. Be aware though that this emulator is very early stages, and I've not tested the native JVS feature for a while - so it's...
  8. bobbydilley

    Lindbergh Emulator Probably not that exciting for many people due to the level of complexity, but I've made my Lindbergh loader for linux public. It's a piece of software that allows you to play Lindbergh games natively on modern linux, the house of the dead 4 is...
  9. bobbydilley

    How does one capture footage from a Lindbergh?

    The DVI connector on the Lindbergh is an output and for the majority of games does mirror what the VGA is outputting, so yes you cold combine the DVI and the audio from the RCA to one single HDMI feed if that's what your capture card takes.
  10. bobbydilley

    Naomi RS422

    To conclude this post, here is the full specification of the Naomi RS422 spec for Derby Owners Club:
  11. bobbydilley

    What Type 3 Triforce for netbooting?

    You can netboot FZero and Mario Kart on a type 1 as well.
  12. bobbydilley

    Repaird: HOTD4 randomly freeze

    You cannot bypass the sound card - the games that use it are specifically written for that model of sound card, they won't just work with the internal sound outputs. How have you decided that the JVS card seems okay? When they go they cause random freezes, but will likely stlil work some of the...
  13. bobbydilley

    OpenJVS - JVS Emulator

    Hi elrod, sorry that you're having some trouble! In terms of Lupin the Shooting, it's something I'll have to look at myself at some point - but it could be due to the fact that we can't fully guarantee the speed at which we can reply to the Naomi due to the fact we're on Linux, a multi threaded...
  14. bobbydilley

    OpenJVS - JVS Emulator

    I originally left that in there just because people are more likely to have random resistors laying around their houses - but good suggestion, I'll put a warning about the Triforce on first and then re-do the picture at some point.
  15. bobbydilley

    OpenJVS - JVS Emulator

    @Orakelschaf Hello - sorry for not replying earlier, was on a surfing holiday! > Pin32 to GND via 1k Ohm resistor This will be your problem, the Triforce is picky about the sense line value and resistors will vary by current so it's not a particulary accurate way to do it. I'd suggest using 4...
  16. bobbydilley

    Ghost Squad (Sega Chihiro) with everything unlocked.

    I think this would be easy enough with Ghost Squad Evo - I can try to take a look at some point. Do we know what the flow of using the card reader to unlock stuff is?
  17. bobbydilley

    OpenJVS - JVS Emulator Looks like there is a Guncon2 driver for Linux so it should work fine :) Tempted to try this myself now for the Time Crisis games - I just need a monitor that'll sync to 15khz now!
  18. bobbydilley

    OpenJVS - JVS Emulator

    Thanks very much, great to know that it works and thanks for the map file! @mathewbeall The GunCon3 uses IR LEDs and isn't a CRT light gun - although obviously that wouldn't stop you using it on a CRT.
  19. bobbydilley

    Let’s Go Jungle sound issue?

    Just writing this here for clarity of people are searching. There are two releases of Let's Go Jungle - installation disks DVP-0011 and DVP-0011A. DVP-0011 came out when just the large cabinets where available which had 5.1 surround sound outputs, so you'd need all 6 speakers plugged in to...
  20. bobbydilley

    Really strange /frustrating error with my Lindy... HELP, please?

    > I have had little success with getting help on the site as well, but I understand as being an expert in another field, that they aren't always on here and catch your posts. Thanks, this is a lovely way to put it - ask things, and then when you don't get a reply write up your solution - the...