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  1. Tyson1911

    Wolf Unit Schematic

    recently an acquaintance sent me a PDF copy that they were selling on ebay at an exorbitant price of the wolf unit schematic manual, I will leave it here so they can repair their wolf units Regards
  2. Tyson1911

    Kaiser Knuckle eeprom location?

    Exactly, it was the PAL, I realized that the fact of having a 4mb rom does not mean that the information is 512kb, the information could have been duplicated in binary form, but it could really have been 256kb originally (it's just a guess). so I changed the PAL D77-14 for a D77-15, only one...
  3. Tyson1911

    Kaiser Knuckle eeprom location?

    Now it works correctly, very grateful to Astro X for providing me with the JEDs I needed
  4. Tyson1911

    Taito Type X2 Upgrades and Mods

    the TTX2 only works at 480p (31khz) or 720p (HD), I installed another 1080p monitor on my Vewlix and even then it won't let me work at 1080p only at 720p and at 4k it only scales it, the system is like that and I haven't seen a patch that allows you to do it works at 1080p, but I think that the...
  5. Tyson1911

    Kaiser Knuckle eeprom location?

    the PLD, even if it is not D77-15, should not be wrong since the game originally came with a 4mb rom and not a 2mb one, so it should work fine unless the D77-15 has a different configuration, unfortunately I don't have that file and I can't find it anywhere
  6. Tyson1911

    Kaiser Knuckle eeprom location?

    Hello everyone after a long time without responding to this thread, I tried to do the conversion without any success, it always gives me the ROM ERROR image, I am using 29F1615 duplicating files in 1mb files and quadrupling in 512kb files, even so it gives me the ROM ERROR screen, I still think...
  7. Tyson1911

    Taito F3 conversions

    hi sorry for making such an old thread but i'm having trouble converting a darius gaiden the splash screen doesn't go past a couple of introductory sentences and then the game crashes and restarts i'm using a puzzle bobble 3
  8. Tyson1911

    Different Micro SD TF to CF Card Adapter .

    Well, the MicroSD to CF adapter in my Taito Type X gives several problems, sometimes it recognizes the information and other times it doesn't, sometimes it starts the operating system and other times it doesn't. I do not recommend it. I recommend better directly a CF. In games like Killer...
  9. Tyson1911

    Taito type X video card issues

    It's a Radeon 9600 Pro from the ones they sell on ebay
  10. Tyson1911

    Taito type X video card issues

    Hello everyone I have a problem with my TTX it turns out that I patch the bios of the video card (with the files that are available in the forum) with flashrom and even so it does not recognize the 15khz and gives me the typical Japanese message with the performance recognition problem. Have...
  11. Tyson1911

    Negative feedback for YATON

    An opinion or point that I want to give, it is normal for vendors in China to sell you something different from what they show you and it has happened to me on many occasions. It is a very bad practice that they do. I have previously bought from Yaton and there were two things 4 years ago, it...
  12. Tyson1911

    A Freeware Taito TypeX Multigame

    I want to record this event that happened to me while I was making my type X multi. It turns out that I have two taito type x motherboards, one good and one dead. I had a lot of problems because it did not recognize the sata hard drive on the motherboard, not even the SSD. So I said "why don't...
  13. Tyson1911

    Arcade Stick

    this alternative is the closest to what you are looking for
  14. Tyson1911

    Dongle conversion

    It is a software that was never shared on the Internet, there was only an update in 2019 that said that it was possible to read and write COH dongles that was never uploaded to the Internet. but if it makes you think if it hasn't been shared it's because they don't want to ruin brizzo's business...
  15. Tyson1911

    What can I do with a Namco System 246 Driving pcb?

    I would like to see that process, that is if it worked for you, since I have two defective COH-H31100 bases, and I would like to change them so as not to lose two System 246B that I have saved with working namco pcb
  16. Tyson1911

    UMK3 Audio issues

    Hello everyone, I come to you since a long time ago I acquired this UMK3 that had several problems and solved almost all of them except the audio problem. It throws me u1 non-operational and the DS1 led does not turn on and I changed two ADSP 2105 and the fault persists and compared with the...
  17. Tyson1911

    Need a good source for NEC D27C1000A/D for System 16B

    There should be something similar for all eeproms (27c400,800,160,322) although it must be taken into account that since eeproms are NOR they have greater durability than NAND memory, you can still find cheap flash to replace. It is a good economic option.
  18. Tyson1911

    DIMM pcb pictures

    I have been checking outputs CN7 and CN8 with an oscilloscope. there is no type of signal that it emits in normal games such as capcom vs snk, power stones, among others. The only games that I have not tried to carry out a test have been the satellites. It has a led, I understand if it will...
  19. Tyson1911

    DIMM pcb pictures

    N11 and P11 arrive directly to the GAL16V8D and from the gal some pins are transmitted to IC12 and others to connector CN2 that join the option board and the main board of the dimm
  20. Tyson1911

    Need a good source for NEC D27C1000A/D for System 16B

    Basically ebay and aliexpress have been selling a lot of eeprom at gold price and most of them are defective and even almost cannot be erased. in the 27c801 to make me a UMK3 it cost me a lot to find functional and why talk about the 27C400 for CPS1 B 91635B-2. It has been too difficult to find...