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  1. ChrisBEANS

    [SOLVED] MVS one slot audio dropping out

    Sorry, been away and not able to test , but I can tell you what I’m certain of (but it will lack detail and specificity) Six slot board UniBios 4.0, set to Arcade and Europe Loaded with MS1, 2, X, 3, 4, 5 If left unattended, it will always eventually lose sound and require a power cycle to...
  2. ChrisBEANS

    'Shelfcade' will evolve into.. [G-Lix]

    Looks nice. Definitely no intention for tate at all?
  3. ChrisBEANS

    Any way to capture from an MVS wired cab?

    Hmmm, I’ll message in just a sec, but putting this here in case it’s of use to anyone else… When you say the ‘line out’ on the MVS, do you mean the headphone sockets on the memory card board? (Or at least from the audio header that connects to the memory card board)
  4. ChrisBEANS

    SOLD: HAS Supergun Set

    I’m just here to admire Rolling Thunder
  5. ChrisBEANS

    Any way to capture from an MVS wired cab?

    So, I’ve had direct responses from @Hatsune Mike regarding the Splitfire, @buffi regarding his Betsu, and @Axun via @drfunk2k regarding the JAMMA extractor, that none of these solutions are suitable for extraction from an MVS wired cab, due to the fact that audio is handled differently...
  6. ChrisBEANS

    [SOLVED] MVS one slot audio dropping out

    More than happy to when I get the opportunity. I’m not with the cab though, so can’t make promises as to when that might be… Edit: Assuming it’s relevant, I’m running the UniBios on a six slot, not a one slot too. I’ll deffo get to it when I’m back that way 😎
  7. ChrisBEANS

    Backlit exA-Arcadia Store Sign ~ORDERS OPEN~

    If you sold 20 already, surely that’s all the exA owners covered?? 😏 Just playing. GLWS!
  8. ChrisBEANS

    NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

    I’m certain I’ve asked this somewhere before, but I can’t find it anywhere and the answer might be useful to others so I’ll ask again… Can this be used plug and play with an MVS wired cab, or would it require a JAMMA to MVS adapter as a game PCB would? It’d be pretty sweet to capture my MVS...
  9. ChrisBEANS

    *SOLD* : Espgaluda Pcb

    I guess the sale is done, so no harm in this tangent… I can’t say from experience, but I did a bit of research around this a while ago. By all accounts Ketsui and Espgaluda are perfect replications, while DOJ plays perfect but has sound issues. As for ‘Galuda being the best Cave game. I think...
  10. ChrisBEANS

    Neogeo diag bios crosshatch testing / custom prog board

    I LOVE stuff like this!! It’s so far beyond my comprehension, but it’s amazing that people like you can, and do, make things and solve problems so that idiots like me can play games and maintain stuff with minimal effort. Outstanding! ‘One day I thought something could be improved, so I made...
  11. ChrisBEANS

    [SOLVED] MVS one slot audio dropping out

    100% on Europe too I have a six slot cab with all six MS games loaded up, and UniBios 4.0 set to MVS and Europe. (Original carts, if it’s relevant?) It will occasionally lose all sound if left in attract mode, OR occasionally if soft rebooted via the in game UniBios menu. Only comes back...
  12. ChrisBEANS


    As above. That cabinet is indeed unique. These regional variations are fun to see! The American ‘big Red’ is a classic, of course. I have the UK equivalent by Electrocoin, and I like the look of the Australian effort too. Never seen a Spanish one before. I wonder how many more variants there...
  13. ChrisBEANS

    240p Test Suite for Neo Geo

    Insert coin :D EDIT: Who's going to make a mini marquee?? :P:P:P
  14. ChrisBEANS

    240p Test Suite for Neo Geo

    Great stuff!!!
  15. ChrisBEANS

    [Poisoned Sales Thread]: MVS Tokens

  16. ChrisBEANS - Darksoft CPS2 Case Setup

    I watched this when I put mine together View: At about 5:20 you can see quite clearly. I'm a spectacular noob and I can't solder to save my life, but even I managed to get it all done quite easily. You'll be fine
  17. ChrisBEANS

    Konami Windy 1 & 2 Marquee Insert Files

    Honestly, I keep coming back to check out the ‘full bleed’ art. I think that looks brilliant!! Any interest in doing a couple of other games? I’d be happy to pay for your time doing it, and then perhaps the files can be shared in here for others to use too. If not (I know this was for a...
  18. ChrisBEANS

    [SOLD] Darksoft CPS1/1.5 Multi w/ Q-Sound & Jasens Case

    That looks fantastic!! Sadly, I’m in the UK, but once everything (including the frequency selector) is all finalised and good to go, I’m going to have to get one in a Jansen case to sit next to my CPS2 multi. Any chance there’ll be more fully assembled units and a possibility to ship to the UK...
  19. ChrisBEANS

    Irem M92 Multi Game Support

    Especially recently!
  20. ChrisBEANS

    SOLD-MVS U4-29

    That’s exactly what I mean 👍🏻