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  1. Kidkaos

    [FS] Astro City Cab $850 .

    He means refurbished like DKOldies 🤭 I wanna say I have seen this pic before on FB in one of the Tommy/jcl Chinese FB groups. 🤔
  2. Kidkaos

    [FS] Astro City Cab $850 .

    Why not just post the pics here for us to see? Maybe someone has seen these already elsewhere?🤔 Tommy? Jcl? Yaton? Kc? Etc would save a HUGE headache in the future if it's the same cabs he's looking to get....
  3. Kidkaos

    WTS: Taito Type X3

    Pm sent.
  4. Kidkaos

    Astro City - Gold, Garbage, or non-existent? Let's Find out!

    Very cool find!
  5. Kidkaos

    OG Orange Aero City - lowered to $2k SOLD

    I sent you a pm. Let me know what you think.
  6. Kidkaos

    Arcade Ashtrays - 3D Model

    Is anyone willing/able to make me some blue or white Capcom ones? 2 or 3? Heck even blanks will suffice. I like that technique you posted to smooth them!
  7. Kidkaos

    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi

    I never got a response either. 😕 I still need/want one.
  8. Kidkaos

    No longer available. Decided to go a different route.

    Weekend bump. Willing to trade both for an Egret II.
  9. Kidkaos

    PENDING: Nanao MS8-26 monitor

    Interesting.... 🤔
  10. Kidkaos

    PENDING: Nanao MS8-26 monitor

    That looks pretty damn nice. Pm incoming
  11. Kidkaos

    No longer looking - thanks!

    I may have one. Pm sent
  12. Kidkaos

    OG Orange Aero City - lowered to $2k SOLD

    I appreciate it! 🙏
  13. Kidkaos

    Megalo 410

  14. Kidkaos

    Maybe my Multimeter is busted but.... help?

    Correct me if I'm wrong and maybe I been using my dmm wrong for many year but.....don't you put the black comm lead on GROUND and red lead on +5v or whatever lead you want to read? If I put my Black comm lead on 12v audio and +5v it wouldn't read either....
  15. Kidkaos

    OG Orange Aero City - lowered to $2k SOLD

    Ohhhh man very cool. I wish you would have posted this before I made my orange Aero. Glws! Willing to part with any of the monitor glass? Mine are graffiti etched.
  16. Kidkaos

    [Solved]Nanao MS2930 - Blue screen shuts down

    Awesome work Geekman!!
  17. Kidkaos

    Super Street fighter 2 Turbo

    $500 is top of the market. It would definitely sell for $350-400. Gotta shoot high tho!
  18. Kidkaos

    WTB: Sega New Astro City

    I know someone with a regular Astro if you're interested. So Cal.
  19. Kidkaos

    No longer available. Decided to go a different route.

    I appreciate the kind words🙏 Wasn't greeted the same on other pages because according to others these can be had cheaper supposedly, so thank you. 🤷 These have also been washed inside and out. Monitors, chassis, no nicotine tar anywhere 😁 enjoy the picture porn dump!