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  1. d00mdrew

    [FS] Astro City Cab $850 .

    No offense to the seller, but damn those cabs are ugly. I’m all for fixer uppers/restoration projects, but they honestly look like they’ve been through a fire lol. They may be a more solid candidate for scrapping/selling parts rather than passing off as whole and dropping a steaming pile of...
  2. d00mdrew

    Video Monitors - RGB Enabled JVC TM-A130SU & JVC TM-A13SU, Panasonic WV-BM503...

    Glad to see people are scooping these up. I’m loving the unit I picked up:
  3. d00mdrew

    jcmorrisii a generous guy

    Just met up with @jcmorrisii earlier and picked up one of his JVC monitors he’s currently selling. Great dude, knowledgeable and kind. Even offered to answer any future questions and email me the service manual etc 👍🏻
  4. d00mdrew

    [FS] Fullset Cave SH3

    Never heard of these games, GLWS though 😏
  5. d00mdrew

    Positive feedback for egg_sanwich

    Purchased an F3 shell (harder to find than it seems!) for my F3 multi and everything went great; communication, shipping, timeliness 👍🏻 Highly recommended - @egg_sanwich
  6. d00mdrew

    OG Orange Aero City - lowered to $2k SOLD

    Beautiful. I’ve decided an Aero will be my next cab. The perfect single player cab for vertical games IMO. The orange and green variants are even cooler. That said, my current space is maxed out and it would have to sit in storage or a garage for the foreseeable future. This will get scooped up...
  7. d00mdrew

    FS:Sengoku Blade PCB

    How good is the bootleg as far as audio and graphics?
  8. d00mdrew

    TD-IO Now Available For Order

    I don’t need this (as I currently possess no JVS systems) but I want it 🤔
  9. d00mdrew

    FS/FT: World Heroes 2 and 3 Count Bout for MVS (w/ shock boxes, OEM boxes and art inserts)

    Also open to the following trades…both games and extras for: - Atomiswave mobo (would need to be in great shape and/or decent shape and include a KOF, Metal Slug, FotNS or Samsho bootleg cart) - MVS MV1FZ (Unibios 3.3 or 4.0 installed is preferred) - Tekken 3 PCB - Strikers 1945 PCB -...
  10. d00mdrew

    TMNT: Hyperstone Heist // Tatsunoko Fight (JP)

    Lowered the price on Tatsunoko Fight.
  11. d00mdrew

    Positive feedback arcsys101

    Picked up a Nanao chassis for a good price from @ArcSys101 and just received it. It arrived quickly (to Florida) and was packaged well. He also sent a video of it working before it was shipped out. Assuming it works ok (I won’t be able to test it for a week or so), all was great.
  12. d00mdrew

    GONE: FREE: SONY KV27v42 TV, RGB modded.

    Nice! I’m about 45 minutes from you and was going to scoop this up if it lasted another week or so. Good to see the North Florida arcade/retro community going strong 👍🏻
  13. d00mdrew

    [FOUND] Taito F3 “red shell” or broken game board w/said shell

    Got a bareback F3 multi I’d like to put some clothes on. Yes, I’ve seen the Lions3 cases and I have his CPS1 case. They’re great, but I’d prefer a more subtle look for the F3. Really not looking to spend more than $40 shipped in the US, if possible. Thanks! EDIT: @egg_sanwich was nice enough...
  14. d00mdrew

    Hello from BC, Canada

    Welcome, and awesome variety in your setup. Looks like you covered all the bases 👍🏻
  15. d00mdrew

    FS/FT: World Heroes 2 and 3 Count Bout for MVS (w/ shock boxes, OEM boxes and art inserts)

    Two fun ones…shipping within CONUS only. World Heroes 2 (MVS) - $75 shipped - original label / unbroken SNK seal - both art inserts and dip sheet - Southtown shockbox - OEM cardboard box (non-matching serial) 3 Count Bout (MVS) - $90 shipped - original label / unbroken SNK seal - original...
  16. d00mdrew

    TMNT: Hyperstone Heist // Tatsunoko Fight (JP)

    Hello, Downsizing some of my console game collection a bit…wanted to post here before using Mecari… TMNT: Hyperstone Heist - $175 shipped (SOLD) Tatsunoko Fight - $25 shipped (CONUS only) - w/manual, no OBI spine Accepting PayPal F&F or Zelle payments Thanks for looking ✌️
  17. d00mdrew

    Chassis Sale

    I’m a dummy when it comes to monitors… Would the MS9-29 05A00675C1 chassis be compatible with the stock OEM 29” Toshiba tube in my New Astro City? Would it work with the yoke, remote board, etc from my current MS9-29A? Looking for a back-up when/if this one ever craps the bed…thanks!