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    Six new EPROMs and it could be...
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    Strikers 1945 break and fix

    I accidentally fried the PIC16C57 for this game while trying to dump it. Game would not budge past the security chip check. MAME source code (psikyo.cpp) says that Tengai uses the same board, SH404, and the same model PIC at u59. My burner can't write PIC16C57 but it can write PIC16F57, so I...
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    CBOX/JAMMA Box Questions

    Have you checked the LED itself with a multimeter?
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    CBOX/JAMMA Box Questions

    Does it happen with the snk/db15 inputs as well as the USB?
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    *SOLD* : Espgaluda Pcb

    Don't want to hijack OP's thread but I meant the PGM cartridge conversions
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    *SOLD* : Espgaluda Pcb

    Always wondered if anyone has ever done a side-by-side comparison with this board and the PGM conversion.
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    WTB Infinikey CPS2

    I have a spare. Shoot me a private message if you're still interested
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    D&D Shadow over Mystara - versions for conversions

    Yes, dates are in YYMMDD format so R1 was released three months after the other version
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    Cps2 vertical bars after battery replacement

    I always do a two-hand squeeze around the area of all 4 connectors when connecting them. It's a lot of friction to overcome!
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    SSFII: Tournament Battle label

    Couldn't find a hi-res, clean scan of this anywhere, so I cobbled one together using components from a few different sources. Bottom flags/names aren't as sharp as they could be, and the label number itself is wrong (should be -1), but this might be of use to some people...
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    My build of Capcom BigBlue

    I am actually running a Taito Type X4 inside the cabinet 😇
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    My build of Capcom BigBlue

    I used this 28" 1ms Asus, it was the largest one I could find that would fit. Custom MDF bezel with black vinyl on top.
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    Sega Rally 3 rebuild/repair

    New CPU didn't solve the issue so I'm suspecting a bad PSU. I'll order a replacement. Hopefully it's that and not the hot-glued RAM!
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    The Definitive Guide to CPS2 Conversions

    I finally finished off this conversion. Last one I'll be doing for a while!
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    The Definitive Guide to CPS2 Conversions

    They can probably flash whatever you want onto the chips, shoot em a message and maybe an link to the specific rom files
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    The Definitive Guide to CPS2 Conversions

    There's a guy selling complete EPROM + pal sets on AliExpress -- that's where I got the Progear roms mentioned above. They're phoenix edition but they work fine and it's just $60cad delivered for a whole set. Cheaper than buying blank EPROMs :)
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    Looking for someone with a big blue gen 2 (SSF) cab

    My SSF2 big blue never had a model number on that sticker at any point. There's a smaller sticker inside the cabinet and another inside the marquee with faded model numbers -- the one inside the cab says 020800921. HTH
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    CPS2, MVS, and loose PCBs

    Bump -- grab Progear and the SFZ roms together for $260cad plus shipping.
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    FS: Mario Bros (Rev G?)

    This game has some (probably minor) issues -- I don't have the free time to spend fixing something I don't want to play, but maybe YOU do. Decent shape overall, some minor corrosion just starting here and there on some of the EPROM legs. I dumped 3F and 3J, and the shasums match MAME; the issue...