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    WTB sega Astro or blast city in USA

    Hi guys, I’m looking for buy one sega astro/ new astro or blast city in USA. I’m ready for pay the shipping. I’m located in florida. Just let me know and thanks for the help.
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    UD-USB Decoders

    Hi, I can play wireless with this connector? Any way of play wireless?
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    Arthrimus's DB15 Controller Adapters. PSX, SATURN, SNES.

    Hi @Arthrimus , I receive my Saturn To DB15 Controller Adapter I use HAS supergun 4.0 I confirm the Retrobit Bluetooth saturn controller WORKS!!!
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    PGM2 cartridge measurement

    @ekorz I bought oriental legend 2, still waiting for it. I want the measurements because I’ll do some more cps2 custom boxes very soon , and is more cheap print everything together.
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    PGM2 cartridge measurement

    I apreciate it @Stillwatertrout I can see is like 6 1/2 inch width 10 inch length Can you measure the height please !
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    PGM2 cartridge measurement

    Hi, somebody can help me with the measurements of the cartridge? I want make custom boxes.
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    WTB PGM2 oriental legend 2 and PGM 1 original games

    Thanks @jslsbcw1010 But I don’t have anything for trade 😕
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    WTB PGM2 oriental legend 2 and PGM 1 original games

    Hi, looking for buy oriental legend 2 And if you have pgm like oriental legend or knights fo valour series let me know. (Any other original games are welcome, let me see)
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    Arthrimus's DB15 Controller Adapters. PSX, SATURN, SNES.

    Ok, sounds good. I’ll buy one and confirm it works or not. Ty I hope you sell snes adapters too soon
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    Arthrimus's DB15 Controller Adapters. PSX, SATURN, SNES.

    Will the saturn adapter works with sega saturn Retrobit Bluetooth controller/adapter? I have the HAS supergun.
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    I sent a lot of messages to him, never got answer.
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    WTB SNES2NEO adapters

    Any news?
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    Scratched Cap Value for Denjin Makai II / Guardians PCB

    Hi, you have the list of the capacitor needed for d. Makai II korean version? Please let me know.
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    WTB SNES2NEO adapters

    Still looking this thing. I can’t find it
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    WTB Zero Team

    Looking for buy Zero Team PCB The fisrt original one. Have the name of the game on the PCB. I’m in USA Paypal ready
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    WTB SNES2NEO adapters

    That was I thinked.
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    HAS DB15 port compatibility

    @Hisoka89 I’m in the same boat of you. I asked to retroelectronik in ebay for snes2neo and they told me they product its incompatible with the HAS. I’m looking the same thing (sega or snes adapter for my 8bit Bluetooth controllers) If you know something let me know please.
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    WTB SNES2NEO adapters

    They told me its incompatible with HAS supergun
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    WTB Has supergun snes controller adapter

    Hi guys, I have a problem I’m looking for buy a Snes adapter for my HAS supergun. I was cheking one from retroelectronik in ebay and they told me its incompatible with HAS supergun. I need to know which snes adapter works with HAS I want one which I can change the mapping and I want use it...