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  1. jord4n313

    WTB CPS2 B-Board Shell (especially Top shell)

    Hi all I’m in need of a good condition B board shell top (willing to buy top and bottom). The one I have on my Multi is pretty beat up (cracks/deep scratches). I don’t want to take apart a functional B board for it so I am hoping someone has one to sell from a dead board. Any color is fine.
  2. jord4n313

    Troubleshooting Tips

    Thanks I used the Arthrimus Quick Solder Bus, I guess I’ll try removing it and doing a straight wiring setup. Are there alternate points I could use to test continuity for the keyharness wires? Edit: Awesome! I reflowed the solder for the Setup 1 and Setup 2 points in the Arthrimus Quick Solder...
  3. jord4n313

    Troubleshooting Tips

    would the key writing wires affect it not auto reset after loading a game?
  4. jord4n313

    Troubleshooting Tips

    yes used my desoldering station to pull it out whole, came out easy also i did realize that i dont need to remove the sd card for the hacks, if i select them and let it flash the game/key then power the cps2 off then on they play perfectly is there a specific amount of time required to short...
  5. jord4n313

    Troubleshooting Tips

    So I had a cps2 with a dead battery, it wouldnt boot but the battery still had some voltage, so i shorted exc5 but i still get a purple screen after it flashes a game and writes a key, however if the game is a hack like MvC Unlocked or Vampire Savior Hack then if I reboot the cp2 without the sd...
  6. jord4n313

    CPS2 Fan Replacement

    yea i replaced my fan with a pwm fan and a pwm fan controller that has a temp sensor, it automatically adjusts speed based on internal temps, its usually dead silent
  7. jord4n313

    Home Arcade System

    i just got mine from twisted quarter last week, it came in fast and is working great with my HAS and CPS2 Multi
  8. jord4n313

    WTB CPS2 B-Board Serial Sticker Repro

    Hi all, installing a Darksoft Multi in a unit that I'd probably grade C or C-. The A-board shell looks good and the bottom half of the B-board shell looks good, but the colored B-board top shell is pretty ugly - a lot of scratches and marks that wont come off. I've found a very close matching...
  9. jord4n313

    B Board Mod Log (Rev 7, G pal)

    Yes! Mine is also a Hispanic board but with a green shell instead of the typical orange - weird. Thanks for the tips, the 96 pin connectors just came in today - time to get to work! Edit: Thanks for your help dude, just got my CPS2 multi fully setup and working great. Adding the CN5 and CN6...
  10. jord4n313

    Jamma Extension sets with HAS kick harness support

    I would like to purchase one of these as well. Really would like the ability to use my HAS along with CPS2 Multi LCD Holster!
  11. jord4n313

    B Board Mod Log (Rev 7, G pal)

    any idea why some of these revision 7 boards are missing CN5 and CN6? I had read about revision 3 boards missing CN6 and some rom sockets but always thought revision 7 was supposed to be plug and play
  12. jord4n313

    B Board Mod Log (Rev 7, G pal)

    was your board a hispanic board? I'm running into the same issue with a Hispanic Marvel VS Capcom. The board is Rev 7 with the G PAL which I thought was supposed to be easy install, but not mine apparently. I'm waiting on the headers to arrive, and I'm not too concerned about the install. I've...
  13. jord4n313

    Home Arcade System

    Have any invoices gone out for HAS preorders yet? I keep checking my email but I don’t know what address it will come from and I get a lot of junk so I am scared I’ll miss it. Q1 ended with March right? Has there been a delay?
  14. jord4n313

    CPS2 Fan Replacement

    I’ve been considering installing one of these fans along with this temp based fan controller (pic and link below) in my CPS2 once my Darksoft Multi arrives. Anyone have experience with these cheap temp probe based Pwm controllers? Icstation 12V 4 Wire PWM PC Case CPU Fan Thermostat Speed...
  15. jord4n313

    It's coming AES multi

    What about the CPS2 Multi February Pre-Order? If I ordered both it and the AES Multi in the same order will they be shipping together when the AES Multis go out? If the February cps2 Multi preorders aren’t ready will that delay the shipping on my aes Multi?
  16. jord4n313

    can't get stereo sound from RCA sockets--SOLVED (post 8)

    Order some 3D Printed buttons and try holding volume down since it seems to work for many people, though not all, or if possible see if you can use something to trigger the volume down button temporarily just for the fix even holding down a simple wire jumper may be find if the button is...
  17. jord4n313

    OK Baby Candy Cabinet Restoration

    Wow that is gorgeous - I got rid of my old mid 90s generic MDF Jamma MAME cab a while back because I started getting into playing real arcade hardware on my PVM-20L5 via supergun and standing up playing emulation on an LCD just doesn’t cut it anymore - so why waste so much space in the house...
  18. jord4n313

    FS Cps-2's on eBay

    damn, looks like only AVP is left. i've been searching for a good price on a CPS2 bundle for use with the darksoft multi.
  19. jord4n313

    FS Cps-2 Xmen vs SF

    Did you only have 2? I'm interested if you have anymore.