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  1. buffi

    FS Dogyuun toaplan

    Cps3 received already. Very pleased
  2. buffi

    WTB Exa Arcadia

    They will do update (but you have to pay for the shipping yourself). That said, unless you have a pretty old system, the BIOS updates of the main system isnt needed to the low latency stuff if I've understood correctly. The games need to be updated though. They will update games bought second...
  3. buffi

    Espgaluda 2 (CV1000) repair of bad U2 NAND using JTAG

    FWIW, even with untweaked default settings, Tigard does seem a fair bit faster at least. I did a full U2 dump of a game I had with issues. Started it on Friday evening and it was finished at Sunday morning. Took around 30h I think (didn't time it, but based on estimate from looking at process...
  4. buffi

    SOLD Espgaluda Pcb

    I mean this is a weird thread for this conversation, but regarding DOJ, I never got my Fluffy DOJ to play WL correctly. BL works fine. I have a Galuda PCB and a conversion cart, and they seem to play the same to me, incl the fun sprite glitching.
  5. buffi

    Espgaluda 2 (CV1000) repair of bad U2 NAND using JTAG

    Yeah that should be fine. Sortof feel like I should just do the extra work and define a new Tigard specific tap with FT2232H then. We'll see
  6. buffi

    Espgaluda 2 (CV1000) repair of bad U2 NAND using JTAG

    And then I do "cable ft2232 vid=0x403 pid=0x6010 interface=1" ... which caps it at 6mhz since it doesnt know its a ft2232h device (it thinks its ft2232 without H which has separate limits in code) I didnt see an obvious way to get it to act like one. Probably needs further changes to the code...
  7. buffi

    Espgaluda 2 (CV1000) repair of bad U2 NAND using JTAG

    No, cause I run it on a raspberry pi :) Using these instructions:
  8. buffi

    Espgaluda 2 (CV1000) repair of bad U2 NAND using JTAG

    Yeah I'm compiling it myself and increased the cap for FT2232. I'm just wondering what frequency I should actually use :) Reading at 6mhz vs 12mhz didnt seem to make a huge difference unless I fucked something up. I'll hook up an oscilloscope to the clock signal later to verify if it actually...
  9. buffi

    Espgaluda 2 (CV1000) repair of bad U2 NAND using JTAG

    I bought a Tigard, seems fun. What frequency do you set in urjtag when interacting with the board? Basically, it is FT2232H based, but the default urjtag instructions for it has it used as FT2232 which has a 6mhz cap apparently. Still faster than the Altera though, but feels like this should be...
  10. buffi

    FS Free: Namco medal game PSUs

    Have some PSUs from Namco System10 medal games. Probably usable for other things to. Anyone want these for cost of shipping, or I’ll e-waste them? See attached pics.
  11. buffi

    Research into CV1000 Blitter performance and behavior

    Fun thing I just realized which I guess is related to clipping. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, the MAME handling is incorrect and it clips too much. And in MMP, this can lead to sortof funny things. Look at the top black waves at the edge of screen (especially top) when bombing with...
  12. buffi

    Research into CV1000 Blitter performance and behavior

    The future is now! TL;DR: - Sprites drawn fully outside of visible area will be ignored. This has some fun implications when there's a long sequence of them. - Sprites crossing the boundaries, with some parts visible...
  13. buffi

    BetsuBetsu (Jamma) - Streaming/recording audio+video splitter

    Yeah I’d recommend getting a OSSC/Retrotink/XRGB-Mini or something. Glad you built it fine though!
  14. buffi

    BetsuBetsu (Jamma) - Streaming/recording audio+video splitter

    Does GBS Control expect VGA signal levels? Cause this wont give that.
  15. buffi

    Sega Astro City screen upside down.

    You can flip the yoke connectors 180deg on the chassi to change the image. One of them will flip horizontally and the other vertically. I have a MS9, so dunno what they look like on MS8 though. If they are merged in a single 4pin connector, it might need to be split in two. Someone with a MS8...
  16. buffi

    Doom ported to Naomi

    I dont think anyone I knew used a mouse to play doom 1/2 :) There was no looking up/down in them IIRC I remember some people sticking to keyboard only in Quake as well at first lol (where mouse was obv better)
  17. buffi

    Research into CV1000 Blitter performance and behavior

    Making some progress in testing this out Still need to test it more, so not ready for a pull request. @MetalliC might be interested
  18. buffi

    JVS IO TO USB from AliExpress

    Looks like a Iona clone in a different form factor and GPIO pins in addition to USB The Iona USB JVS thing is open source hardware, so theres plenty of clones there already: Nothing wrong with that ofc, since its open source after all...
  19. buffi

    Research into CV1000 Blitter performance and behavior

    Looking at galuda2 and there's some cursed stuff going on in that game. From looking at blitter operation lists in mame, I have no idea why there isn't slowdown in the animation before the "input options" startup menu. I'm clearly missing something there, and it will be fun to go digging. Edit...