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    WTB Taito f3 motberboard base/frame

    This would be the perfect thing to 3D print if somebody could 3d model it.
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    SOLD Power supply lot: 6 screw terminals

    From left to right the "brands" are: Powermaster XII, Ying Tchin, Tekbilt, (unbranded China knockoff), (unbranded China knockoff), Competitive It should be noted that all of these power supplies are based on the "Peter Chou" design and are practically the same power supply. The one with the...
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    SOLD Power supply lot: 6 screw terminals

    I have 6 random screw terminal power supplies. These are working pulls that I have recapped. All power supplies are fully recapped using high quality Panasonic FM and FR capacitors. (If there is a oddball cap value not available in Panasonic, another brand such as Nichicon may be substituted)...
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    DARKSOFT New Namco System 1 Multi

    Incredible... Someone placed a bid on this. Beraboman just the IO board and ROM chips... not even a PCB. Someone has deep pockets...or is desperate.
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    FS Taito Landing Gear PCB

    This is a (partially) tested working Taito Landing Gear PCB. This was tested by plugging it into my Densha De Go cabinet. Obviously I can't test controls this way. But I was able to coin up and start a game. I don't have pictures of it running so you'll have to take my word for it. The JC...
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    WTB Taito F2 Motherboard

    I don't know. I would think theoretically both boards would work with most ROM boards. But I have heard certain games don't like certain boards. I have a Don Doko Don ROM board that does not behave well with my short board, but works fine on my long board. My Cameltry ROM board works fine on...
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    WTB Taito F2 Motherboard

    You will probably be better off looking on Yahoo Japan for this. Most people that own one will have it paired to a ROM board. I've seen a bunch of auctions where the seller splits his ROM boards and sells the motherboard separately. That's how I won my long board recently. Do you have a...
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    DARKSOFT New Namco System 1 Multi

    Somebody is selling a repro Quester IO board. Anyone want to take the plunge and reverse engineer it?
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    Sega Aero & Goldfish Catcher ATM

    Good job on that Bondo panel. It's amazing you were able to restore that thing.
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    FS HAS v3 supergun

    HAS V3 for sale. This was rarely used. Comes with 3P4P adapter, CPS2 kick harness and CPS2 3P4P harness. Power cable has been modified to plug into a molex 9-pin arcade power supply. No power supply included. What you see in the picture is what you get. Asking $180 plus shipping PayPal F&F or...
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    Model 1 Starwars Arcade Black Bar Void of Polygons

    Check if it's a 5422 or 5422A. Most boards except for Virtua Racing should be running the A. This is a revised chip that doesn't fail as often. If it's the original 5422 just trash the video board. It's a ticking time bomb and they all fail. Nothing to do with the external traces. The chip fails...
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    Model 1 Starwars Arcade Black Bar Void of Polygons

    Steal a working video board from another model 1 game. Probably the 5422 chip.
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    Naomi 2 HDMI

    Looks like it's for Naomi 2 only? Any plans for a Naomi 1 flex?
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    DARKSOFT New Namco System 1 Multi

    Did a quick Google search in japanese for ナムコ クエスター Looks like this guy managed to reverse engineer the spinner sub board: Pictures are not loading so I've attached the google cached pics. Maybe someone message this guy for more details.
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    FS Cameltry PCB

    I have a single board version of Cameltry for sale. This is a US region board. Very rare! I think the board was NOS when I bought it, or at least was never used in an arcade setting (but I have no proof of this). At the very least, it is super clean and works perfect. Pics are from when it was...
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    FS Seimitsu joysticks: LSH-56-01 Anomalous Spring

    I still have these, but I think I may just keep them since they are no longer available.
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    [FS] RECO PCB - JAMMA button remapping & rapid-fire device

    Same, I'm interested in two.
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    WTB Taito F2 Mother PCB - Long

    Interesting. I wasn't aware that certain games only worked on the short or long boards exclusively. Do you have a list of such games?
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    Sega Model 1 Virtua Racing Tilemap error

    No idea then. Send it to Ken.
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    Sega Model 1 Virtua Racing Tilemap error

    So it's worth repairing then. According to a thread on KLOV from Ken: the vertical lines usually means bad ram. So replace those chips with known good ones.