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  1. meybarra

    Positive feedback to astro_zombie138

    @astro_zombie138, thank you for the Hori Fighting Commander. The transaction was easy, the shipping swift, the packaging solid, and the condition immaculate. Street Fighter II played great on my Coregrafx.
  2. meybarra

    SOLD NACs and Blasts For Sale in CT

    I was so tempted by this. Congratulations to the buyer and seller.
  3. meybarra

    How do I HAS on a crt tv

    I don't have any personal experience, but I read about people using iScan DVDO VP30/50/50Pro products to deal with arcade boards with problematic sync (i.e. Midway Mortal Kombat boards). It receives the arcade board's video with the "off spec" sync and processes it to output video with sync...
  4. meybarra

    How do I HAS on a crt tv

    As recommended above, I usually skip my Extron devices and run my HAS through a NES 8-pin to SCART cable to a rgb2comp to my consumer CRT TV. It's simple and looks neater on the coffee table with minimal wires. Various Extron devices allow you to adjust horizontal and/or vertical position to...
  5. meybarra

    NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

    Anyone using OSSC Dex boards with your DE10 nano?
  6. meybarra

    HAS Supergun HD15 to Extron RGB 203 Rxi

    My Extron 202 rxi produces an image, but it's problematic. The unit accepts input through 9-pin connectors. I think my adapters are causing issues. Specifically, it looks like only the sync and red signal are getting through. Also, the weight of the adapters seem to pull the connection loose if...
  7. meybarra

    HAS Supergun HD15 to Extron RGB 203 Rxi

    I just did a test with my Extron 164rxi to a Sony PVM-8041Q. I set my HAS csync level switch to output TTL rather than 75ohm. I set the sync processing switch to Regenerated (position A). Any other combination resulted in no image on the monitor. I also have an Extron 202 rxi I'll test.
  8. meybarra

    [SOLVED] MVS one slot audio dropping out

    For what it's worth, I tested out my Metal Slug Cart in a MV1FS last night. After 25 minutes, the attract sound was still audible. I tested both the JAMMA mono audio and stereo audio over the headphones connection (test ran twice, over 25 minutes each time). The power was reading 5.0v on the HAS...
  9. meybarra

    HAS Supergun HD15 to Extron RGB 203 Rxi

    Looking at my HAS 3.2 manual, it sounds like you can toggle the csync switch between buffered or regenerated mode. The regenerated mode is meant to help with sync for Taito F3 pcbs or other pcbs with problematic sync. It might be worth trying. Double check your HAS manual. Are you able to...
  10. meybarra

    Home Arcade System

    RGBHV (split horizontal and vertical sync). In most cases you'll just skip the 5th cable for your retro 15khz arcade games, leaving it dangling. If that bothers you, there are VGA to 4-BNC cables out there. However, it won't hurt to have RGBHV BNC cables in case you need it (mostly 31khz...
  11. meybarra

    FS Game Saru cab imports - NO specialty requests atm (updated 5/3/2023)

    Wow! Looks like an army of Wacca minions ready to do your bidding.
  12. meybarra

    Vewlix Console I/O - Connect Brook fighting boards directly to your Vewlix.

    Penny for your thoughts. For a layman like me, I saw the product and thought, "Cool, another console gaming solution for my cab." Did you personally have issues using the product, or did you spot design issue just looking at the photos?
  13. meybarra

    Console JAMMAizer! Easily connect home consoles to your JAMMA arcade cabinet.

    I tested a similar setup with my Switch in 480p mode, except I used an HDMI/VGA converter. Granted, the Jammaizer was connected to my 31khz cab. If I wanted to do this on a 15khz cab, I'd need to incorporate a downscaler solution like the GBS-C or Retrotink 5x. It was a fun novelty, despite the...
  14. meybarra

    Options for picture position adjustment on CRT?

    What about one of the Extron rxi devices to adjust the h and v position? I saw some for sale on ebay.
  15. meybarra

    FS Free 27" tube and yoke

    I attached more photos. Shining a light on the tube reveals some burn. It appears to be faint text near the center and bottom of the tube. Also, the glass is far from pristine. I spotted light "microscratches" throughout. They didn't seem to cast shadows and I don't recall noticing them when I...
  16. meybarra

    FS Free 27" tube and yoke

    Local pickup only (Stafford, VA 22554). Free rejected 27" Toshiba tube for Nanao MS9. Tube only. The original yoke, frame, and chassis were re-purposed. Also includes a yoke from a 27" consumer TV. It can work with an MS9, but with a less than ideal image. Modification might help it. I wasn't...
  17. meybarra

    Capcom "Forgotten Worlds' Spinner Repro by Hursit Official Interest Check Poll

    I did a quick and dirty supergun test with the spinners and I'm pleased with the results. I had to remove a metal bracket from the player 2 spinner pcb to fit it inside a Blast City control panel housing. My next steps will be sticks, buttons, and working out wiring solutions for my cabs and...
  18. meybarra

    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    Anyone consider custom artwork for their repro? I appreciate the Capcom branding, but I wonder how it would look with TRFightStick logos. Perhaps some other logos/stickers to recognize the other people and groups involved in this project? Anyways, I'm just thinking out loud. What are your thoughts?
  19. meybarra


    pm for the Astro City cp