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  1. GhaleonUnlimited

    WTB Demon Front STV, Gamshara, CPS1/2, Street Fighter the Movie,Jackie Chan, and more

    Did you ever find a SF the movie? I bought one last year but I have doubts if I'm really ever going to play it
  2. GhaleonUnlimited

    FS Super Street Fighter 2 The New Challengers Blue USA/Europe A+B Fully working

    If anything that might be too low for a USA ST. GLWTS! I'm sure you'll find a buyer
  3. GhaleonUnlimited

    SOLD SOLD: Junk Consoles and More (Turbo Duo, JVC X'Eye, etc)

    Someone got the deal of the year, bummed I missed out. Fix the Xeye!
  4. GhaleonUnlimited

    Is a Cheap supergun really that bad? I'm assuming yes lol

    Maybe I misread your post in the middle of the thread, but if you're in need of the parts to build a minigun, I have all the parts brand new and I'm just never going to do the project. Lemme know, if he happy to sell it for a little less than buying it all yourself from digikey just to know I...
  5. GhaleonUnlimited

    SOLD FS SAT2NEO “Ultimate Edition” bundle. (2 x Sat2Neo, 1 x QPB) = $US95 shipped

    I bought a pair last year, they're awesome! Super recommended
  6. GhaleonUnlimited

    FS Capcom tokens with Ryu Street Fighter Silhouette

    Holy crap! Very cool. I will. Yeah, a grab bag of everything you mentioned to meet the standard shipping price makes sense. I was just thinking this week that I would frame my main tokens, haha
  7. GhaleonUnlimited

    FS Capcom tokens with Ryu Street Fighter Silhouette

    That's cool! What's the smallest amount of coins you'd be willing to ship to the states? I have a basic token collection going since I was little, didn't nab any good Japan tokens over there. Interested in the Ryu and any different SEGA ones you'd have. Thanks!
  8. GhaleonUnlimited

    FS Japanese Dreamcast Games.

    Wow, huge list! Do you know what shipping to the states typically is right now? I'm in Ohio (44131) for instance. A few on here I'm interested in but shipping will prob kill it :/. Thanks and GLWTS!
  9. GhaleonUnlimited

    SOLD Japanese Super Street Fighter 2 X kit

    PMing today! I apologize on the right, just bleh week
  10. GhaleonUnlimited

    SOLD Japanese Super Street Fighter 2 X kit

    Oh I think your price is fair! I just own a US and JP board already, haha, but have never seen the kit even when I got it in Japan at a shop. So that's why I asked about possibly getting it separate. I used to run Street Fighter world championships so SF2 is also near and dear to me as well :)...
  11. GhaleonUnlimited

    SOLD Japanese Super Street Fighter 2 X kit

    Any interest in selling the kit without the game itself? Thx!
  12. GhaleonUnlimited

    FS FS/FT: Spiderman Sega Sys 32

    PM'd with a question :)
  13. GhaleonUnlimited

    FS /thread

  14. GhaleonUnlimited


    Just slap an OSSC or similar with that and you'd be golden. Much better value and flexibility if you own any other system too
  15. GhaleonUnlimited

    MVC2 Ic22 unlock from skate323k137

    Thank you @skate323k137 as well for mine! Saved me a lot of time!
  16. GhaleonUnlimited

    FOUND Naomi Marvel Vs Capcom 2 unlocked eprom

    How much did you have in mind to pay? I can probably do it, need to burn these for myself as well :)