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    WTB Sega lindbergh JVS i/o board

    Hi everyone, I am looking for Sega lindbergh JVS i/o board. Does anyone here have one for sale? Here is a picture for reference
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    Raiden 4 TTX vertical to Horizontal

    Ah I see! That's a shame.... Thanks for your reply.
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    Raiden 4 TTX vertical to Horizontal

    Hi everyone, I've managed to get ttx mutli installed. Everything works fine, but one game particular Raiden 4 is displaying vertically. I am aware the original game is designed to be played like that, but is there a setting or mod I need to add so I can play it on my 16:9 montior horizontally?
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    battle gear 4 tuned hdd dump

    hey guys I own a real Battle Gear 4 tuned Arcade Machine but unfortunately the HDD finally died on me. Inside the machine, it has the Taito type X+. I know it's a longshot, but do you have a raw dump file of battle gear 4 tuned so i can put it in a TTX multi drive? I also heard Battle Gear...
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    battle gear 4

    HI Shifter, I just sent you a pm. I have a faulty hdd so i cant run battle gear 4 on my machine anymore. Can you please help me? Thanks!
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    Battle Gear 4 HDD

    Hi everyone I own a real licensed battle gear 4 tuned arcade machine The HDD in the taito type x system has finally died and no longer boot into the game... Does anyone know how i can get a custom battle gear 4 rom? I have managed to install a multi taito type x but i cannot find the battle...