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    System 2X6 Collection

    @sorakiri you need to use the dongle that Brizzo makes.
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    APOCALYPSE Irem M72 Multi, Sales , Installation and Support

    I'm helping a friend of mine setup his M72 Multi. It's a V2 version of the multi. Would it be possible to post the JED file for V2 IC13 again ( ? The existing link is broken.
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    I would recommend buying a decent programmer for the 27c322 chips. You need something which can supply enough programming voltage. Buy a Batego, Elnec, Dataman or Xeltek.
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    DARKSOFT The Definitive Guide to Fixing Your CPS2 Multi Kit

    32 GiB 😀 no more confusion
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    APOCALYPSE Sega System 18 Official Sales and Wait List

    Can someone please share the Proman SW and documentation please ? I am unable to download from Baidu ...
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    With the great help of @opt2not I have completed the hidden Bubble Bobble section.
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    Home Arcade System

    Really like the new version, I was comparing it to my first version (2011) and it has come a long way. I discovered some anomalies in the manual, will update you later.
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    Sega Naomi NetBoot Games List Working/Not Working/Untested/Missing

    What kind of guns ? NAMCO is not the same as the SEGA IO with IR ?
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    Home Arcade System

    Made an order on the 16th of April, received it today on the 18th. What kind of magic shipping is this @RGB ? :D
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    Home Arcade System

    Congrats on the official store :D
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    A Freeware Taito TypeX Multigame

    That error means that the system can't talk to the JVS master board inside the TTX unit.
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    A Freeware Taito TypeX Multigame

    It looks like your JVS IO is not connected. Please enable logging and share the log here. 4.8.2 : Added logging. If e:\ttxshell.txt exists the program log will be appended to this file. All new log entries will be appended to the existing file
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    APOCALYPSE Sega System 18 Official Sales and Wait List

    So it doesn't work on the XPORT even ?
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    APOCALYPSE Sega System 18 Official Sales and Wait List

    It states in the first post: Memory modules can be programmed with the Proman programmer or the Flashcat programmer. We will provide programming adapters for Proman at a later date. The Darksoft programming adapters are also compatibe with our modules To me that means that the original...
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    Raiden II Backup battery/ Hi-Score Save

    Maybe the area has to be checksummed before writing to it ?
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    Raiden II Backup battery/ Hi-Score Save

    Thank you for looking into this @twistedsymphony. Is there a memory map in MAME which includes the SEI252 address space ? Or maybe this area is mirrored ? Alternately we are looking for a test which checks a value and explicitly uploads/copies data. @kold666 do you remember if the entire hiscore...
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    Raiden II Backup battery/ Hi-Score Save

    One option might be that the battery saves a config word which tells the main game to save hiscores. This means that one should run the MAME debugger, get a hi-score and see what the code attempts to do.
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    APOCALYPSE Sega System 18 Official Sales and Wait List

    @Mitsurugi-w , I looked into the Flashcat XPORT and MACH at: On their adapter page they state: We offer a large selection of socket adapters for various memory packages and types. All of the sockets on this page are the newer 56-pin version that is...
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    Darius Burst ex trouble shooting

    Is your cabinet English or Japanese @Usukane ? I have made a special HDD image which does not require the dongle aimed at original cabinet owners. PM me for details.
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    Mario Kart GP 2 missing the card reader option

    Ask him to run a mediacheck on the NAND version as well please. That will take a while...