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  1. erdrick1980

    Hello everyone! New member here

    Hello, and welcome!
  2. erdrick1980

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    Can't wait till I get mine! I can't believe I read this whole tread...
  3. erdrick1980

    FS Taito Vewlix Repro Marquee Lights - Pre-Orders (CLOSED)

    Nice to see you again briefly brother. As one of the first people I dealt with on this forums you were always there and went above and beyond. Best wishes to you and your family.
  4. erdrick1980


    Selling my strikers 3 pcb, apparently this matters so, it's a PS5 board. Will come with original marquee, flyer and instruction slips (w/e they called) Payment: paypal Price: 400+ shipping Shipping: USA only
  5. erdrick1980

    Hi everyone!

    Hello and welcome, nice collection man.
  6. erdrick1980


    Selling my working Gunforce PCB. Payment: paypal Price: 400.00 + shipping Shipping: USA only
  7. erdrick1980

    FS MS-2930 - Reproduction & Replacement Remote Boards

    You don't happen to know if you have, or will be making one for the MS8-29fsg?
  8. erdrick1980

    FS WTS: New Astro City Manual - $35

    I'll take it! If you still have it
  9. erdrick1980

    MS9-29 barrel distortion

    Thank you both. got it working perfectly now.
  10. erdrick1980

    MS9-29 barrel distortion

    Thank you brother. I'll look into it.
  11. erdrick1980

    MS9-29 barrel distortion

    Hey guys. Well... I started getting barrel distortion on my monitor. I take it there is no pot adjustment for that on the chassis? I keep reading that monitor is most likely on its waybout.. anyone experience that on thers?
  12. erdrick1980

    SOLD NACs and Blasts For Sale in CT

    Love your avatar man! Also, would have loved to get all those. but just bought 2 Astros and blast and out of space. Dammit...I would of saved so much in shipping. And probably bought another cab with that shipping cost....
  13. erdrick1980

    Hello everybody!

    Hello, and welcome bro!!
  14. erdrick1980

    FOUND Need help with a rejuvenator in socal

    Question regarding rejuvenation of monitor... Say that you don't think you need it but think it might help, will it makes a difference if you do it anyway? Or am I right to believe only use it when things go wrong?
  15. erdrick1980

    My Daytona 2 Restoration Journey

    Awesome find man, and congratulations that is one fun bad ass game. I remember moving the deluxe version and it took 4 people and taking apart too, it was the one with full moving car and 50" monitor. I loved that thing!!! Man I miss 2014. I should of never sold my stuff lol
  16. erdrick1980

    Positive Feedback for tonyt76

    Yes, always smooth transactions when I dealing with him. And you too bro!!
  17. erdrick1980

    Irem M92 Multi Game Support

    Hey mitsurugi if I ship gunforce pcb to you, will that help you on exact measurement and anything else you need for that board compatibility?
  18. erdrick1980

    Just a humble Ohio arcade gamer

    Welcome! If there is one cab I love the most, it's new astro!!! So I love your setup!!
  19. erdrick1980

    WTB 5575 Key

    Yeah... I guess I will just bite the bullet and get from Europe. Thank you man.
  20. erdrick1980

    WTB 5575 Key

    Looking for 5575 lock spare key if anyone willing to sell. Please let me know. Thank you