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  1. 8bitforlife

    AWSD Power Supply Interface PCB

    @dewmansnk whats the proper screw or bolt to go into the ground socket
  2. 8bitforlife

    CPS3 Acrylic Case on Taobao

    Any updates on this situation @kazuo
  3. 8bitforlife

    CPS3 PCB Supports - JasensCustoms / TR Fight Stick Case

    Where can I get these printed
  4. 8bitforlife

    Naomi 2 problem

    I've sent in for repair
  5. 8bitforlife

    Naomi 2 problem

    Same problem
  6. 8bitforlife

    Naomi Pi 'WiPi Netbooter' - compatible with Pi 3&4

    Couple questions as I finally got my wipi netdimm from @Derick2k great guy and it works great. Has a rpi3 and a touch screen and i can use phone. Touch screen is kinda slow or doesn't work really well. My question is that just how it is with touch screen or would another brand be better or...
  7. 8bitforlife

    Home Arcade System

    Trying to find MWP-606 psu but I cannot find one even a used one.
  8. 8bitforlife

    How do I HAS on a crt tv

    what can I add to the chain to fix sync and geometry
  9. 8bitforlife

    How do I HAS on a crt tv

    thats it? I was thinking it would require more that seems easy. I thought i might need to incorporate an extron or ossc or something
  10. 8bitforlife

    How do I HAS on a crt tv

    hello I have a console setup on a tv that has component. I run everything through 2 scart switches with auto port that go through a rgb2component to the tv. My question is what would the best way to hook up HAS to my setup?
  11. 8bitforlife

    FS Grail Cab - Taito Egret 2

    not all psu have a cover on them
  12. 8bitforlife

    New Taito F3 version with OLED support

    great I just bought the old multi and can't upgrade to new oled fanfuckingtastic
  13. 8bitforlife

    WTB Wanted Bonze adventure Soldier Girl Amazon Taito arkanoid spinner pcb

    ya but I wanted to make the ghox joystick original again. I have a replacement. I'm just being silly trying to make it original.
  14. 8bitforlife

    WTB Wanted Bonze adventure Soldier Girl Amazon Taito arkanoid spinner pcb

    still looking for a arkanoid spinner pcb if anyone has an extra would really appreciate it.
  15. 8bitforlife

    FS Bubble Bobble Revolution [USA-1] | Nintendo DS

    I am not charging this but I would like to sell for what i can so I can get the darksoft dark knight multi.
  16. 8bitforlife

    Nubulas Ray! - and other fav unported arcade games - 5/29

    what system was this made on??
  17. 8bitforlife

    Labels for PGM Carts?

    has anyone found a place to print the labels i need 3 for the cave games and possibly a new demon front.
  18. 8bitforlife

    Trying to find a mounting plate for a Alberto Madonna cp and original jlw-tm-8

    OK iv bought so far a sanwa jlf plate that works on Alberto Madonna panel but I can't attach my jlw-tm-8 because the mounting holes on joystick are further out. I then bought a small universal mounting plate and it has the outer mounting holes for the jlw-tm-8 to attach to but doesn't line up...
  19. 8bitforlife

    APOCALYPSE Sega C2 Multi Sales and Support

    anywere to get the