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  1. ImportantBet

    FS Mahjong Filth - Angel Kiss, Jan Jan Paradise 1&2

    angel kiss you mean? you're probably confusing between touki denshou
  2. ImportantBet

    Sharp X1 Twin Pico PSU PCB replacement

    I will probably have to get back to you on that when I do quote comparisons between OSHpark and JLCPCB
  3. ImportantBet

    FS Mahjong Filth - Angel Kiss, Jan Jan Paradise 1&2

    Anything done by Urushihara is a classic
  4. ImportantBet

    FS CAVE PGM vinyl sticker sets

    Bump still in stock!
  5. ImportantBet

    FS Sega Saturn Virtua Stick Pro HSS-0130 2 player arcade stick

    Not sure why with the smug post, but it's an item that gets tossed around here sometimes: Try to leave some sort of seller feedback proof from ebay/other forums to ensure your sale goes smoothly, especially at that price point...
  6. ImportantBet

    SOLD [MA] Capcom Grand Am Q25

    @Dekken Ready to drive down to Boston?
  7. ImportantBet

    WTB Junk CPS2 A-board for parts

    Looking to buy one if you feel like you think you have an A-board that is beyond repair. Tyty.
  8. ImportantBet

    Sharp X1 Twin Pico PSU PCB replacement

    Ok, so my PSU board is pretty much dead. I already did a full recap and replaced some power transistors. I still got a bridge rectifier and a bad diode to replace before I fully give up on the original board. I was able to get my computer working with a temporary ATX power supply though...
  9. ImportantBet

    WTB Asahi Seiko AD-81P2 coin switch chute

    Yaton doesn't sell these alone so I'm looking to purchase this in single or bulk. This is the chute where the coin microswitch needle sticks in and not the mechanism itself. Looking for sellers preferably within NA and not a 3d print model.
  10. ImportantBet

    FS Game Saru cab imports - NO specialty requests atm (updated 5/3/2023)

    Even at the back of the line, you would probably get your stuff faster than Yaton and Omar too...
  11. ImportantBet

    MS9 blowing HOT

    Same issues here with the shutdowns. Would like to see what comes out of this thread too!
  12. ImportantBet

    SOLD Capcom Grand Am Q25

    He posted local pickup from the get go. Sorry my dude, you gotta read it before you jump to conclusions.
  13. ImportantBet

    SOLD Atomic Runner Chelnov X68000 with MD/Genesis adapter

    Bump Chelnov adapter also works as a 6 button adapter for SF2 (X68000/FM Towns) if anyone is interested :)
  14. ImportantBet

    FS FS: Steel Jasenscustoms Panzer arcade sticks

    For anyone who buys one of his sticks, feel free to reach out to me for a free DB15 cable. Looks like the cable itself isn't included in the package, so I'll try to help out.
  15. ImportantBet

    Very positive feedback for Cereth/GameSaru

    Initially I hit up Cereth a few weeks ago to ask if I can purchase two LY1153 locks. He told me not to worry about paying, but I would feel bad for not paying. So I offered to purchase 4 locks at perhaps a discount instead to support his business a bit. Again, he said he will cover everything...
  16. ImportantBet

    SOLD sold

    good price especially now that the 5x got a $25 markup recently
  17. ImportantBet

    NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

    I've been running a few experiments on capturing CV-1000 boards with the RetroTINK5X. Initially there was noticeable noise generated in the capture. Specifically a horizontal line (in Yoko orientation) that kept shimmering even with the RT5X's LPF. Ironically, placing it on max setting produced...
  18. ImportantBet

    WTB 29” Nanao Monitor for Astro City in SoCal

    just sit back and enjoy the game my dude. no need to obsess over the small stuff.
  19. ImportantBet

    FS Interest Check: Egret 2/3 and AWSD Move Strip/Glass Grip Brackets Repro

    It would have to be electroplated, which is something I can't do on my end. If you want to chrome an existing one, auto shops know how to do this. Maybe ask a friend who works at one?