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  1. supabok

    Home Arcade System

    Congrats on the store RGB! And I must say, that Jamma extension is a work of art!!!
  2. supabok

    [FS] RECO PCB - JAMMA button remapping & rapid-fire device

    Great news! Put me down for one please.
  3. supabok

    Nanao MS9 Chassis - Salvageable?

    Thanks for the advice and help @advans14 @nem
  4. supabok

    Nanao MS9 Chassis - Salvageable?

    I purchased this chassis about a year ago with the intent to recap & reflow and possibly do ms9 image quality update. Started cleaning the board and noticed the traces around C956 were eaten away. My question is, can this chassis be saved and thus used or should I just strip it for parts...
  5. supabok

    FS Battle Garegga Jp Full kit-Battle Bakraid Jp Full kit-Batrider with flyers

    It's also available at my house but I tend to not advertise these things (until now :) ) Sorry OP for the spam and thread derailment! I'll stop now and GLWS! Scusami signore!
  6. supabok

    WTB Exa Arcadia Games

    Took about 2 ~ 3 weeks when I got it last year. It was a constant game of checking notifications to see if it had arrived. I didn't have a Vewlix at the time and used the IONA to test and play it on a monitor. The image quality really blew me away and I lost all buyer's remorse after playing a...
  7. supabok

    WTB Exa Arcadia Games

    Yeah I totally feel you on the extra shipping charges. I'd be curious to know how the iona feels as I have one as well but haven't used it for my Vewlix setup. In the end I went the JVS & Brooks route with a harness for each so I can swap between the two via molex connect/disconnect (no wire...
  8. supabok

    WTB Exa Arcadia Games

    I see. Well you will have something that uses JVS soon enough ;) Also not sure if you want to spend any more $$$ but Exa also provides JVS' which apparently improves input lag (not trying to sell you on anything more btw ;) )
  9. supabok

    WTB Exa Arcadia Games

    First off, congrats! You'll def enjoy it! Curious why you need the IONA for the Vewlix vs going the JVS I/O route?
  10. supabok

    FS Battle Garegga Jp Full kit-Battle Bakraid Jp Full kit-Batrider with flyers

    I dunno...I think most people here can afford them actually! they are very nice to look at as well :)
  11. supabok

    Sigma Raijin

    There's one for sale here but the auction ends today: And an AV-3000 model here:
  12. supabok

    FS Vewlix/NAC/Egret/Windy etc - Coin Reject Credit Button Kits

    Got mine yesterday and installed it on my NAC. Instructions were clear af and it's really, really well designed! Works beautifully! Thanks so much for all your effort in getting these done @FrancoB!
  13. supabok

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    Before installing, I kept the monitor out for a bit and plugged in everything I was going to use with the monitor i.e. ps4, xbox, etc.. and tweaked color/contrast position etc..just to make sure they all looked good before installing. Also set the monitor to turn on as soon as there was power...
  14. supabok

    FS Vewlix/NAC/Egret/Windy etc - Coin Reject Credit Button Kits

    Very cool indeed! I'll take 1 for a NAC & 1 for an E2 please
  15. supabok

    WTB Vewlix Console I/O V3.1

    If you have one of these you're looking to part with, hit me up!
  16. supabok

    Nanao MS9-29 enhancement hacks

    I completely missed this! Thank you!
  17. supabok

    Nanao MS9-29 enhancement hacks

    Wait, wait, wait...hold on a sec here! What is this magical 'kit' you speak of? =O
  18. supabok

    Joko Re-Introduction, YAJ/Akiba Shopping Service Offer

    Amazing news! Good luck with the new venture and looking forward to it!
  19. supabok

    Egret 2: Illumination Panel Repros?

    If it helps move this project forward, you can put me down for 2 please.