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  1. PlayYing

    FS FS - Sega Blast City; Neo-Geo Big Red 6-Slot cab; Ms Pacman

    Hello fellow North Floridian, I am going to be in the OP area with a truck Monday or Tuesday, could I swing by @zorakbrak ?
  2. PlayYing

    FS Vewlix/NAC/Egret/Windy etc - Coin Reject Credit Button Kits

    Great product. If I could ask if there is a similar product for woodies? It would be great to not unlock the damn coin door and Coin-up 1000x times , or drill a perfectly good cab.
  3. PlayYing

    FS openkeys + neogeo diag prog boards

    Sending a pm and a prayer.
  4. PlayYing


    Sent pm
  5. PlayYing


    Friend what version is the multi simms for cps2? Champion I assume?
  6. PlayYing

    SOLD MvC2 w/Capcom I/O; Art

    What's your booth at CEO?
  7. PlayYing


    Quit lying, you loved my Outrun 2 twin complete restore project 😘😘😘
  8. PlayYing

    SOLD  JAMMAFIER & Retro Scaler A1

    I'll take the A1 if still available, k thx.
  9. PlayYing

    FS Sanwa Joystick and buttons(obsf24 or 30)

    Could you explain the crystal button? Also interested in joysticks.
  10. PlayYing

    FS Various PCBs (working and not), locks, keys, Multi games, arcade cabinet parts (blast city, Aero Table, Pony, etc).

    Got pictures of this? Power Coated Blast/New/Net Coin mech door + surround $135 shipped also interested in the speakers
  11. PlayYing

    SOLD DE10 nano (Sold out. Thank you everyone)

    Got mine last week but too lazy to post, repro banana for scale.
  12. PlayYing

    FS MP07-IONA-US JVS/USB I/O Board: Worldwide Sales & Troubleshooting Thread

    Is it too late to get on a list for one? Can I order multiple?
  13. PlayYing

    SOLD CPS3 carts

    I would like the ultrabios cart please.
  14. PlayYing


    any blast city speakers left?
  15. PlayYing

    SOLD DE10 nano (Sold out. Thank you everyone)

    May I get on the queue for order two? Thx.
  16. PlayYing

    FS SCART switcher (Monster Cable)

    show me dat asz (show me the back?)
  17. PlayYing

    FS Taito F³ motherboard and carts for trade

    What's that Asian f3 cart friend?
  18. PlayYing

    WTB Broken CPS3 Motherboard

    I may got you fam. it's not like I'm going to afford ultrasimms anytime soon...