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  1. KaPH33n

    Gacha Enthusiast

  2. KaPH33n

    Gacha Enthusiast

    I operate a bunch of capsule vending machines. Those are cool, but looks like they take 100 yen coins? good luck. I have a lot of the TOMY machines that are sold in our markets. And also northwestern and beaver machines.
  3. KaPH33n

    WTB sonic championship/ sonic the fighters

    I should have scanned the candy cab marquee before i sent it out... hindsight is 2020.
  4. KaPH33n

    Sega Aero & Goldfish Catcher ATM

    My friend and excoworker Cynthia chen makes some asian snack rugs and made a Pocky one that is pretty sweet
  5. KaPH33n

    Sega Aero & Goldfish Catcher ATM

    damn this thread is huge. what'd I even do? TPG FTW.
  6. KaPH33n

    Hitachi a68 and nanao ms8-29

    the yoke has to match, not just the size of the tube. ms8-29 is designed to go onto an a68.
  7. KaPH33n

    f&f super bikers good luck, let us know if it works out.
  8. KaPH33n

    f&f super bikers

    i am pretty sure you can install any of the versions up to 3.04 with the regular parallel port key. there is a later version for hp computers that is locked to that version that I have never seen. go into the settings with the game running and verify the volume is not set to 0 is there a 3.5mm...
  9. KaPH33n

    SF3 2nd Impact - considerations when removing battery?

    i see, that is unfortunate. i do recommend preforming the legs and cutting them down to about 1cm longer than necessary. If you leave them full length and do the folding during the operation it's another place for it to get snagged up. I would probably still do this if I was using the helper...
  10. KaPH33n

    SF3 2nd Impact - considerations when removing battery?

    Did you check for continuity between your iron tip and the JAMMA ground? Because in your house the earth ground is tied to your neutral your soldering iron is going to be physically connected to earth ground and then your jamma ground when everything is plugged in and hot. So if you touch the...
  11. KaPH33n

    SF3 2nd Impact - considerations when removing battery?

    it is my understanding that once the battery is removed it cannot be put back? but maybe i'm wrong too? all of this cps3 stuff is really steeped in lore because it's still proprietary secrets. I was told that if you put the battery back in the cart then stops working, and I'd really like a...
  12. KaPH33n

    SF3 2nd Impact - considerations when removing battery?

    While it may not have a "functional" difference you may lose some collector value to the cart if you remove the battery from a working cart. At this time there is no way to put the keys back onto cps3 carts like you can with cps1 and cps2. Maybe in time... I realize that the game works without...
  13. KaPH33n

    replacing scsi cd-rom drive with scsi sd card adapter?

    I'm not 100% positive with the zulu, but with the scsi2sd you need to connect the board to a computer over usb to set the drive settings like device ID and what not.
  14. KaPH33n

    Third Strike Audio

    could also be the amp inside the power supply? I think there's a resistor that's known to go bad?
  15. KaPH33n

    Raw Thrills terminator salvation help

    ok, but i'm asking what card did you use to swap? You can't just use any card you want, it has to be one that the game has drivers for.
  16. KaPH33n

    Raw Thrills terminator salvation help

    one other thing is did you swap the graphics card with the exact same one as was in there before? If it's not one that the game install has the drivers for you may need to install the drivers separately?
  17. KaPH33n

    Raw Thrills terminator salvation help

    do you have the security key plugged into the back? It needs to be plugged into the same port it was in during installation usually, not sure about that game specifically. Another thing to do is to check that all of the BIOS settings are correct. Does that game have a parallel port security key...
  18. KaPH33n

    MS-2931 Occasional click (high voltage arc?) and screen pulsing

    I think there is a special menu you can get to on the 2931 with two buttons held down. I forget, but i'm sure you can google it up. maybe it's an operator menu or system menu? factory menu? test? debug? there's different names for the same thing!
  19. KaPH33n

    Sega Astro City -5v problem

    Any luck with fixing your power supply? Can you give part numbers for the ICs that are on the heatsinks? I am guessing one of those is the 12v regulator and is blown.
  20. KaPH33n

    Help identifying this harness connector from an Irem Madonna

    This lower left connector interfaces from the main harness to the power supply. It looks like it also splits off power for the credit board and something else? This is the connector plug, I'm looking for the mating receptacle. I thought it was TE Connectivity 172332-1, but when I got there...