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    FS Egret 2/Windy 2/NNC/Q25 (Repair refund)

    No one I know of. We've brought them back but can never keep them working. Theres no schematic available and repair info is almost non-existant.
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    FS Egret 2/Windy 2/NNC/Q25 (Repair refund)

    The short answer- no. I revived mine with a replacement flyback, but when I changed all the caps, it died again. One of my friends had the same experience, it’s really difficult to keep these semi curved Toshibas running- only ones I know still working are the 9430s. Lots of things go wrong...
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    SOLD Capcom Grand Am Q25

    Great seller!
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    FOUND Need help with a rejuvenator in socal

    I did! I could never keep that toei working, and my wiring was super ratty I just replaced almost everything in there.
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    FS Grail Cab - Taito Egret 2

    I'm very interested in this toshiba chassis- any pictures of the chassis and or remote board would be very helpful. Information about toshiba chassis is few and far between.
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    FS Cave Esprade Int PCB with Box

    This is not the shottriggers box…. BEEP got with cave to make these boxes that are for the original PCB, they had to be bought separately.
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    FS Cave Esprade Int PCB with Box

    Last call before eBay.
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    FS Undercover Cops Alpha PCB

    Generally the Korean ones are Alpha Renewal.
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    Nanao MS-2931

    I’ve used those before. Some work great and are still working and some only last a month or two.
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    FS Cave Esprade Int PCB with Box

    FS, Esprade PCB. Works, sometimes needs one of the eeproms pushed in or it acts funky. Some of the points probably could benefit for a reflow, but sometimes people get wonky when you reflow these boards, so its on the next owner if they want to do so. Asking 850+ ship in the USA. Pics here...
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    2930 31k mode

    360 in VGA mode is what I use to test 2930 and 2931. Might be a little fuzzy on the 2930 but it does work.
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    FS PCBs new year sale, CPS1 A board, Cyvern conversion + more, added Chassis!

    Most for overseas aren’t jamma, but instead use that tiger heli pinout, I guess to drop in existing cabinets. The blue jamma pcb is what you see slap fights in Japan run on.
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    Negative feedback for YATON

    It took 4 months but my panel finally showed up. Until everything with him is sorted I won't be doing any more purchases.