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  1. SmokeMonster

    Gamebox 400-in-1 Project: SSD, CPU, and Fan Upgrades

    @gu78 did you ever get this project finished?
  2. SmokeMonster

    WTB Dig Dug Cabinet without PCB in SoCal

    I'm seeking a Dig Dug cabinet to put my Namco Classics Vol 2 PCB in (I also own two original DD PCBs). I'd like to get an original in nice shape with no game PCB, in southern California.
  3. SmokeMonster

    Mortal Kombat Bootleg PCB - Recap

    Mine has a bodge wire or two underneath, but I don't have a picture. They connect these pins to the JAMMA edge.
  4. SmokeMonster

    CAVE PGM Conversion Labels - IGS PolyGame Master

    Here is the final Dodonpachi II: Bee Storm label. I removed the Cave logo and added a honeycomb effect. I'll delete the previous version above. Printable PNG copy here.
  5. SmokeMonster

    CAVE PGM Conversion Labels - IGS PolyGame Master

    Oh weird, DDP2 wasn't by Cave technically since IGS licensed to produce and publish it. I should remove the Cave logo then? I guess they probably programmed for it but weren't credited.
  6. SmokeMonster

    Atomiswave Metal slug 6 ported to Dreamcast!!

    I wrote this up earlier too
  7. SmokeMonster

    MiSTer FPGA

    @Derick2k you should sell that as a kit, it's one of the best case designs I've seen.
  8. SmokeMonster

    New CPS2 Multigame Firmware with Key Writing!!!!!!

    Please ping me whenever that gets updates so I can stay up to date.
  9. SmokeMonster

    Primal Rage Jamma Adapter

    I think it was just to meet US regulations IIRC. You can use it without. Some people used to modify the filter board into a JAMMA adapter, and you could put the JNX Rage in it's place I'm sure.
  10. SmokeMonster

    Strange Picture Artifact With PGM On Sony PVM

    @Tianfeng probed a PGM's sync the other day and found it to be extremely weak on his scope. It could be that some revisions or dying boards have too low of a sync signal for certain devices.
  11. SmokeMonster

    WTB Xbox 360 modded to play imports

    My modder of choice usually has some for sale Tip: Get a Slim S only, anything else will RROD eventually
  12. SmokeMonster

    Retro Hardware Capacitors LISTS

    Nastar Warrior / Rastan II care of TianFeng
  13. SmokeMonster

    Bubble Memories Black Edition

    This is brilliant
  14. SmokeMonster

    FS Dave's Arcade Storage Bin Pulls Updated 5.15.2023

    Thanks for getting me Decathlete so quickly, @davesarcades, and for the awesome bonus! :D
  15. SmokeMonster

    WTB atari jaguar power ics install

    Sort of related, but you can add a diode to prevent future problems while you're in there
  16. SmokeMonster

    FS Dave's Arcade Storage Bin Pulls Updated 5.15.2023

    I'll buy Decathlete if it isn't spoken for.
  17. SmokeMonster

    Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun

    Great work, @Frank_fjs. Love the OLED and streamlined layout.