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    Deibit's Retro PC - Year 1997 - DOS - Voodoo1

    Power menu looks great shame there isnt a Dos menu with long filename support similar to Sofarun on the MSX.
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    WTB FM Towns Marty Doc Brown

    Im looking for a Doc Brown ODE for my FM Towns Marty unfortunately I missed the pre order on Deunans website, would anyone on here be intetested in selling their pre order?
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    Famicom to Nes Adapter

    Ive recently purchased an AV Japanese Famicom toploader and im trying to use my N8 NES everdrive cart in the console with an adapter purchased from Ebay but I keep getting crashes or graphic corruption/errors (im using a stepdown converter with the famicom official power supply and the everdrive...
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    Panasonic MSX 2 FS-A1

    Picked up a Mega Flash Rom SCC very impressed with it and got it working fine, one question is there a better menu than the built in one as long file names are shortened making it difficult to work out the name of some games in the romset.
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    Panasonic MSX 2 FS-A1

    Thanks djsheep makes sense now. In the end I ended up buying a Panasonic A1-WX instead there was an issue with the seller of the FS-A1, apparently the A1-WX has been expanded to 512k ram already so looks like the basic Megaflashrom will be fine for what I need.
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    Panasonic MSX 2 FS-A1

    Ok looking at the Megaflash rom, as im new to the MSX whats the benefit of adding different RAM and slot options to the cart?
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    Panasonic MSX 2 FS-A1

    ok thanks guys will have a look at the Mega Flash Rom SCC also looks like you can get a version with extra ram I know the Panasonic MSX 2 FS-A1 isnt a great model and doesnt have a floppy hopefully it will work with the Mega Flash Rom.
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    Panasonic MSX 2 FS-A1

    ive just purchased a Panasonic MSX 2 FS-A1.can any recommend a good SD card solution that will work with.this machine. Many thanks.
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    CPS1 games that have been converted to play on your CPS2 Multi

    Ive tried these on the CPS2 multi (running original firmware) and just get a flash failed message my other games all work fine what am I doing wrong?
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    CPS1 Hyper Fighting -> CPS2

    Ive tried this on the CPS2 multi (running original firmware) along with Punisher and just get a flash failed message my other games all work fine what am I doing wrong?
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    BOUNTY: CPS1.5 games (with Q-Sound) on CPS2 multi

    Awesome work guys, would it be possible to include the latest version download links in the original post on the first page?
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    Sega Astro City Joystick Issue

    Thanks guys it was a slightly bent pin on Jamma connecter all working again now.
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    Sega Astro City Joystick Issue

    My Astro City has developed a fault the player 1 joystick goes in all directions but not right the player 2 joystick works fine. Ive checked under the control panel all connections seem good including the ground cables and the single cables to the joysticks, can anyone recommend anything else I...
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    POLL: Do You Own A Naomi Net-Boot Setup? If Not, Would A Darksoft Multicart Make You Want To Get A Naomi Setup?

    I wish there was a better replacement for the Sun PSU that just adds more bulk to the rats nest that is a Naomi netboot setup and always seems like it would go up in flames and burn your house down if left on too long. I even tried a standard PC ATX PSU with adapter but that wouldnt work with...
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    DARKSOFT Get your MultiMVS Here:

    I know as soon as I got my Taito F3 board I couldnt wait to get a video uploaded I missed the MVS order this time otherwise I would of done one, hopefully someone uploads a video soon.