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  1. dr_myslihiiri

    WTB Extron VTG-300 Test Signal Generator

    Festive season bump! A VTG-400 (or a generator from another brand) would also be fine. Please let me know if you have one for sale!
  2. dr_myslihiiri

    WTB Extron VTG-300 Test Signal Generator

    Hi! This might be a bit of a long shot, especially on an arcade-related forum, but I'm looking to buy an Extron VTG-300 test signal generator, preferably the non-R, AA battery-powered model. A R-model with an internal battery wouldn't be completely out of the question, either, if the battery...
  3. dr_myslihiiri

    Request for Axunworks to reach back to customers

    The thing I keep wondering about is how Timeharvest can get away with selling Axunworks products on AliExpress. For example, they currently have Axunworks-branded CBOX superguns, JAMMA extenders and RGB adjustment boards for sale on their online shop. IIRC @drfunk2k mentioned in another thread...
  4. dr_myslihiiri

    MiSTer FPGA

    Nice to know the functionality isn't completely broken. Which dongle are you (and @kuze) using? Mine's a passive Tendak (based on the AG6200 DAC chip I believe).
  5. dr_myslihiiri

    MiSTer FPGA

    I haven’t. I see you’ve already found the open issue on GitHub. I hope nullobject’ll get round to fixing it sooner rather than later.
  6. dr_myslihiiri

    CPS2 I/O Interface

    FWIW, I've been happy with the 90 W model.
  7. dr_myslihiiri

    CPS2 I/O Interface

    Out of curiosity, in what way would a standard ATX PSU be safer, aside from the protective casing?
  8. dr_myslihiiri

    "CAPCOM" EPROM Labels?

    If you can’t be bothered to make your own, Gate Ninety has some ready-made ones for sale.
  9. dr_myslihiiri

    CPS2 I/O Interface

    The CPS2’s native resolution is 384x224, which the digi AV board upscales to 1920x1120 (5x), meaning that 20 pixels need to be cropped from the top and bottom to fit the image in a 1920x1080 frame. The board currently only supports 1080p output, but I believe marqs’ plan is to add support for...
  10. dr_myslihiiri

    Home Arcade System

    We had a LAN party at work a month back, and I can confidently say that a) the CPS2 is a glorious sight to behold on a 80" screen, b) multiplayer D&D and AvP are heaps of fun and c) you should totally buy a 3P4P adapter to go with your HAS. Seeing the expression on people's faces when you tell...
  11. dr_myslihiiri

    Neo Geo HDMI

    This may not be the answer you're looking for either, but if HDMI output is a hard requirement, have you considered going full retard FPGA, and using a DE10-Nano/MiSTer-based setup? The Neo Geo core has progressed quite nicely since launch, and add-on boards for using original controllers...
  12. dr_myslihiiri

    PicoPSU for CPS2

    For future reference, I can confirm that the picoPSU-90 works fine with this 12 V/5 A/60 W AC adapter. I'm measuring a stable 5.04 V/11.9 V on the CPS2IOI's JAMMA connector.
  13. dr_myslihiiri

    Any PGM Conversion info out there?

    His Cave conversions cost 200 € (~$220) a piece. I tried buying an Espgaluda cart off him before sheep_nova’s conversions were a thing, but never heard back from him, so IDK whether they’re actually available or not.
  14. dr_myslihiiri

    SEGA Saturn to Neo-Geo controller adapters

    Please consider grabbing a wireless 2.4GHz Retro-Bit controller once they're available. I'd be willing to chip in a little towards getting you one for testing, although I'd wager to guess that the multiplexing logic will be identical between the wired and wireless models.
  15. dr_myslihiiri

    Jamma Extension sets with HAS kick harness support

    No news is good news. :D That said, my extender from the the very first batch has worked flawlessly with the HAS v3.1 on both the CPS2 with the harness extension and on the PGM without it.
  16. dr_myslihiiri

    PicoPSU for CPS2

    Just to check: Which picoPSU model are you using? Would a 90 W model work? I'm looking for a portable way (for LAN parties and such) to power my CPS2 setup with a DS multi and CPS2AV via RGB's CPS2IOI.
  17. dr_myslihiiri

    CPS2 Desuicide Tester

    FWIW, if you can't find someone local to program one for you, can do it for a small fee when you buy the chip from them.
  18. dr_myslihiiri

    Project Neon: New Shmup for the Neo Geo

    Lovely! Is an AES cart on the cards? I'd also settle for a ROM version that's runnable on a multi, even if that meant a longer wait.
  19. dr_myslihiiri

    IGS PGM Cart PCB Scans (And Projects)

    Hey @SmokeMonster, is the interview you did with @GC8TECH making a comeback on YouTube any time soon? I missed it the first time around, and would love to watch it (even without all the pixellated nudity :D )!
  20. dr_myslihiiri

    PGM single game PCB interest check

    BTW, what would be a suitable part for the (optional) jumpers mentioned in this post? @@Fluffy could you please also update the first post with instructions on how to decrypt and split the ROMs once you have the process nailed down?