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  1. Adrick

    FS Wanted Naomi 2 sticker

    yes I wrote him an mp but I didn't get a reply either.
  2. Adrick

    FS Wanted Naomi 2 sticker

    I was wondering if anyone has any Naomi2 stickers in good condition as mine is very yellowed.. Thanks Adri 😊🙏
  3. Adrick

    Sega Naomi Universal Stand Up/Sit Down Reclamation Thread

    Not if I was referring to the last photo of everything piled up. What I meant by the legs is when you are not going to move the machine. In the manual it says that you have to turn the screws on the front legs and leave the machine slightly elevated, I was referring to whether you have to do...
  4. Adrick

    Sega Naomi Universal Stand Up/Sit Down Reclamation Thread

    Be careful it is going to break the bezel with the weight, i hace one question the machine always that does not move you raise the bolts to leave the front wheels in the air, or you leave them lowered supporting the wheels the weight of the machine.
  5. Adrick

    Sega Naomi Universal Stand Up/Sit Down Reclamation Thread

    to unscrew the legs which way to turn the nut ?? good job, the black bezel from nnc is flat i didn't understand it right did you put it on the naomi or did you put the white frame from nnc to naomi? the friend is a very crafty professional.
  6. Adrick

    FS super street fighter ii cpsii (japan) (Sold)

    Hello, ssfii jp pcb for sale, only the upper part, I may also be interested in a change for a naomi link board cartridge, the pcb came into a batch of several capcom cps ii, it is perfect and works well, the casing has a perforation that the previous owner without experience had to do to open...
  7. Adrick

    FS nnc panel for sale (SOLD)

    Hello, yes i shipping to US, although it is already sold to another menber who wrote to me earlier. Thanks to those interested. Greetings Adri 😊🙏
  8. Adrick

    Sega Naomi Universal Stand Up/Sit Down Reclamation Thread

    I thought it was a very good restoration because I saw it very complicated, here in my city there is not much supply of materials so I always have to look for parts in the best possible condition outside my country, and also buy repair material, what brand of bondo did you use. I have two crt...
  9. Adrick

    Sega Naomi Universal Stand Up/Sit Down Reclamation Thread

    Hi I see you repaired the pins where the crt cover screws go, how did you do it,Ah ok, I just saw, the bondo and JB where to buy it. ?
  10. Adrick

    Positive feedback for invzim

    Hi positive review for @invzim, I bought a jammafier and a control for monitor settings, everything arrived perfect. Very attentive, I think it is not necessary for me to mention the great quality of their products for jvs.
  11. Adrick

    FS Manual astro city japanese sale (sold)

    I sell book sega astro city japanese, I think it is the first edition because it has a green tone but in the photos is not too noticeable, 25€+18€ shipping to europe. I will be uploading more leftover material soon. Any questions please contact me. 😊🙏 Edit: Sold yesterday, hope the...
  12. Adrick

    WTB Sega Board Link Communication Arcade Naomi

    hello i was looking for the naomi 1 communication board Sega Naomi Link Board 837-13489 greetings adri =)
  13. Adrick

    FS nnc panel for sale (SOLD)

    nnc panel for sale, the rust has been removed but it needs restoration, I was planning to restore it and use it but I found a new one and now I don't need it., the drawing is perfect. it would be 150+36,90e shipping to all europe. it has an area of the upper transparent layer that has been...
  14. Adrick

    Positive Feedback for FrancoB

    recently bought a coin adapter for mi nnc, very good user and person @FrancoB
  15. Adrick

    Which Pushbuttons glows under UV Black Blue Light?

    I really like the light effect, one question to give that optical effect do you use some kind of uv lamp or a normal led in your room ?
  16. Adrick

    Sega Net City Restoration

    it was perfect @Thomas , one question, the grey bezel, can you explain me the process you did to repaint it?
  17. Adrick

    WTB Wanted Namco System 256 S-Conv PCB SXLJ-A5 PCB 838-14245

    It's from the namco system 256 pcb is an extra. Hello thank you very much, although I am looking for it with the metal plate to attach it to the side of the nnc. 😊🙏
  18. Adrick

    WTB Aliexpress Coupon Codes

    Nice post thanks my friend.