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  1. astro_zombie138

    FS game card,game part, (cable) and pcb

    They also added an auto fire button which is quite nice.
  2. astro_zombie138

    WTB WTB - Taito G-Net Motherboard

    I can't offer you a board but if you're interested in a couple games I have psyvariar mu and chaos heat listed here.
  3. astro_zombie138

    FS A bunch of random game stuff, mostly gameboy.

    Memorial Day bump and new stuff added... If you see something you like shoot me an offer, worst I can say is no!
  4. astro_zombie138

    Can Someone School me on Taito G-Net with CF cards?

    Figured it out! If you hold down the corresponding button when the G-Net logo screen appears it will load the version. So in this case for G-Darius I hold button 2 when I start the system and G-Darius V2 loads. That was driving me nuts, I kept waiting for the option screen to appear before...
  5. astro_zombie138

    FS Taito G-net games

    Just realized I forgot pictures.. Also, if anyone is interested in both together I'll sell for $350.
  6. astro_zombie138

    FS Taito G-net games

    Do you have a link to the art? I might want to print up some Psyvariar Revision art.
  7. astro_zombie138

    FS Taito G-net games

    I recently purchased a decent lot of g-net games. IM looking to pass along a couple that I don't need, Psyvariar Medium Unit and Chaos Heat. They both work perfectly fine. These are a little tough to price so if someone is interested in them let me know. From what I can gather this is a fair...
  8. astro_zombie138

    [FS] RECO PCB - JAMMA button remapping & rapid-fire device

    You guys aren't kidding, that was really quick. Mine came in today and it's a game changer. Been testing with a bunch of the Raiden/ Fighters series and Truxton. I'm blown away and wish I had one sooner. You the man @RGB .
  9. astro_zombie138

    Positive feedback for Harrier

    Purchased an Everten F3 stereo kit from @Harrier. It arrived quickly and packaged very well. Excellent transaction and super nice to converse with. Thank you buddy!
  10. astro_zombie138

    FS Raiden Fighters 1 Cart

    Damn, that's a really solid deal on that! Yup, that's the motherboard.
  11. astro_zombie138

    FS Raiden Fighters 1 Cart

    Seibu SPI, sorry should have specified that.
  12. astro_zombie138

    FS Nintendo Unisystem Vs Castlevania

    Super cool cab but you might want to list a price.
  13. astro_zombie138

    Atomiswave Multi

    Guessing it's the same deal as his psikyo multi. We won't see it for a while. God I want that one so bad.
  14. astro_zombie138

    Atomiswave Multi

    Yes, I will take one please 😁
  15. astro_zombie138

    WTB WTB Everten G-NET & SPI stereo kits

    Bump for changes
  16. astro_zombie138

    FS FT: Turtles, Uo Poko and more. Looking for Aqua Rush.

    Out of curiosity did you want to sell that ddp2?
  17. astro_zombie138

    FS Raiden Fighters 1 Cart

    Selling a Raiden Fighters 1 cart. No motherboard included. Works without issue. Asking $150 + shipping.
  18. astro_zombie138

    Positive Feedback for jslsbcw1010

    Dropping some positive feedback for @jslsbcw1010. Purchased a RF1 cart and motherboard. Arrived very quickly with priority shipping. Was packaged very well and works just as described. Very happy with my purchase and definitely a recommended seller. * I've purchased from @jslsbcw1010 previously...
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    Fair enough, just figured I'd ask.