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  1. Mr T Guru

    Konami system 573 Master Calendar

    I've done a couple of HBBC repairs. When the RTC dies it's dead unless you have a backup of the data. That game won't re-write the data. The board was screwed worse by the owner because he tried to re-install a different version and it wrote the flash then said the security didn't match and that...
  2. Mr T Guru

    Tekken Tag / Namco System 12, boot loop watchdog

    that Sys12 document in MAME is mine, done over several years ;-) If you look at most MAME source files you'll see similar documented info about whatever game board or system the source is for, and that info was usually created by me. They are known as a "Guru Read-Me(tm)(c)(r)" FYI, any S12 top...
  3. Mr T Guru

    IDE DVD-ROMs for the 246/256 that do and don't work

    not sure why there's a lot of guessing going on here....more than 2 years ago I tested every game on every version of S246/S256 and multiple drives and documented the results here.....
  4. Mr T Guru

    System 24 desuicide and conversions: all games decrypted and patched

    Yes the old DOS program was Anadisk and yes it is VERY fussy about the hardware. The older the better, common modern PCs won't work with Anadisk. Even so, as far as I know Anadisk can't write the images. There's no Write menu option, at least not in the version I used. If it can then fine, use...
  5. Mr T Guru

    System 24 desuicide and conversions: all games decrypted and patched

    would be nice to see these released publicly. while it's fine to receive some small reward for doing the initial hacking, there are FAR too many people profiting from the good work MAME has done. Being public allows people (who are capable) to fix their own boards without having to bend over and...
  6. Mr T Guru

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

    be careful. a friend bought 4 S246C's from Yahoo Japan (G-Front or some other big guy from a shop but selling privately) and only 1 of them worked. They were sold as working but since they went from Japan to a different country and took several weeks to get there it's not worth the expense to...
  7. Mr T Guru

    Sys18: Bloxeed >> Moonwalker?

    the decrypted roms are available from jammaarcade for free (also all System16 decrypted roms). then just buy a 8751, program it, plug the roms in and you're done.
  8. Mr T Guru

    Namco System 256 Run But No Sound No Image

    the ding noise doesn't happen on every game, only some of them. if the game plays and you can hear the game sounds then the audio is clearly ok and so is the BIOS (if it was the BIOS nothing would work) the problem is in the video section. possibly the BGA RAM has come loose or one of the other...
  9. Mr T Guru

    Released: Golden Axe 2 Desuicide

    FYI.... Sonic The Hedgehog anyone? ;-) hack info for Dark Edge is here.... If someone hacks the MAME ROMs and puts them here or sends the...
  10. Mr T Guru

    JVS Information extractor

    the info extracted as ASCII above is available in the test menu of any game that uses that I/O board when selecting I/O PCB or whatever. Most of the Sega I/O board text is listed in the MAME src 'drivers/naomi.cpp'
  11. Mr T Guru

    Sega Hikaru TSOP48 maskrom chip replacement?

    I made a special custom adapter to dump those. its not possible to buy replacement roms they were only available in maskrom type. and of course they are 2mm shorter than regular tsop48 so even if you can buy them, the shorter ROM can't be programmed because shorter tsop48 ZIF adapter is not...
  12. Mr T Guru

    Looking to build or get a machine to play System 256 games

    S246/256 will NEVER work in MAME. The hardware is just too powerful and there are too many secrets locked up in custom chips. forget it and forget Model 2/Model 3/Lindbergh etc etc. Just buy a S246/256 box and a S246 JAMMA/JVS I/O board. Plug it in and play. It really is that simple. There are...
  13. Mr T Guru

    Taito Type X help?

    the modbios version is crappy and has a number of additional protections. its easy to crack and copy the HDD if you know but the other things are annoying. you need to get another blank HDD and then read this thread.... A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame. Then copy the games from the E: partition...
  14. Mr T Guru

    WTB Naomi 2 shell in not horrible condition

    I have a couple of empty Naomi 2 cases. Email me if interested
  15. Mr T Guru

    Help with naomi and coins.

    a coin mech needs power (usually 12v) AND ground, plus the coin output signal wire. how do you expect it to work if you don't connect all the wires?
  16. Mr T Guru

    WTB MVS repair

    I do PCB repairs. on mvs a lot of the time the ram error is just a bad connection. I could walk you through the diagnosis process. email me......
  17. Mr T Guru

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    erm, the 'someone' I referred to is Niko.....
  18. Mr T Guru

    Namco Classic Collection 2: Not saving service menu changes or high scores

    The AT28C16 holds the high scores and test menu settings. Changing the AT28C16 may help. Possibly not. First, check CE/OE/WE (get the datasheet) Go to the test mode and change some settings then exit. Do that while probing the pins with a logic probe. You should see things change from read mode...
  19. Mr T Guru

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    I have a 1TB HDD with all of the TX2 games and all of the MAME games running on my TX2 with the AttractMode front-end and the Robospin theme (which is one of the few good/professional-looking themes that doesn't look like specific game fan-boy trash) With factory MAME the cab controls don't...
  20. Mr T Guru

    CPS2 multi playing wrong sounds-----SOLVED (post 12)

    you need to narrow down the problem. there's too many variables. remove the multi and run a standard phoenix rom set on there. let us know how you go....